So Long Sunday Malaise

Stolen From CNN

I’m sorry kids. I really am. This is so unprofessional. It’s not what you expect from a gifted word crafter like myself. I am usually so prepared giving even people on the east coast something to read when they get to work so they don’t have to work. That’s my job as a disgruntled, unemployed, overeducated, white man living off the fat of western waste. And I have failed you all today. And for that I am sad.

Even though this isn’t the first failure, it’s actually not my fault. Yesterday I wrote this very long rant about how irritated I was about how sissified the east coast has become with its fake earthquake and its fake hurricane where basically the ground shook for like a second and then it rained all day and knocked out some power. And all I can be reminded of is how lucky we are and how much we hate being inconvenienced from our technology. And granted more of my life depends on electricity these days too, especially academically. But I can’t help but think we are not a fortified group of people.

So I raged about how spoiled we are (projecting onto people in Washington DC and New York mostly) and it comes off as me being a total asshole. Which to people who know me is not really a great stretch. And I just don’t want to be that guy at all. I mean seriously, no one wants to get on the internet and listen to some moron who has bad spelling, grammar and sentence structure rant at them about how they are a pansy. I don’t even want to read that over in my failing attempt to make corrections. So that diatribe is going to sit, collecting dust in my drafts folder here on wordpress. When I die, if I am lucky my editor will unearth that gem and you can hate me post-mortem.

In actuality I had an okay day yesterday. I mean, I haven’t left my apartment in over 36 hours at this point. My knee is totally shadanked (please see The Search For Animal Chin for a definition, also if anyone has this as a digital file, please send it to me) and mobility is best kept to a minimum. Which makes for a very stir crazy Erik. Mostly because I can’t even focus on anything and have any retention in an already ADD addled brain. So school reading has been out. We’re gonna take another shot at it again here shortly though. So worry you not. But anyway, I did get to listen to some new music, including the new Red Hot Chili Pepper’s album, which I hope to have an in-depth review of at Error Vizion sometime this century. My friend Elisa came over and helped me out with some house type stuff. We watched Delicatessen, she brought me a veggi calzone from Il Vicino that was epic and generally kept me company while I was all pathetic. She’s an awesome friend, and it was great to know I have people here in my new town that will help you out and cheer you up when yr a dumb crippled idiot.

Anyway, after all that, I feel a lot better. I mean, not physically. Physically, this is the worst I have ever felt in my entire life. I try to avoid doctors as much as possible (unless I can get out of going to work, which I don’t have) and it only took me two days to realize this wasn’t going to get any better. Problem is it’s been over a week and it hasn’t gotten any better. And chronic pain brings out the east coast rage. A rage I am trying to censure. So people don’t think I am the total prick that I probably am.

I lost my train of thought. Which isn’t really surprising. My train of thought is mapped out something like this: I’m hungry, damn my leg hurts, it really hurts, I should eat, I wish my leg would stop hurting, oh that’s a great shooting pain, I should get some food, I can’t stand for more than 30 seconds at a time, damn if this pain does not subside a bit I am cutting this knee out of my leg, ow, ow, ow…. You get the picture. Or you don’t. I can’t really get into it any more at this point. I need to go put some ice on it.

Author’s note: I tried to go back and reread this for errors and mistakes, but my leg hurts too damn much. Just make the corrections in your mind. Thanks.