The Great Fall Haul of 2010

Over my vacation holiday time I sent my self to the Pacific Northwestern city of Seattle in the state of Washington. Aside being home to my favorite couch, my best friend and shitty weather, it is also home to my favorite used CD store in the whole entire world, Everyday Music. In DC, I don’t think kids buy CD’s anymore, mostly because they can barely afford the posh condos and cocaine that seems to rule their lives (and people wonder why I sit on my fat ass all weekend and listen to music in front of my computer). So my hauls from the local shops are never that weighty. Everyday music is also now home to the $.95 scuffed CD. This is a deadly and wonderful thing for people such as myself. Also during this trip I decided to lighten the load of my buddies sell pile and made off with a few other CD’s. All in all I carried home 18 CD’s for around $45. That’s pretty awesome. Below you will find a listing of my booty as well as some anecdotes and whatever ever else. Enjoy the read.

(in no particular order)

Pearl Jam – Vs. – Sony (1993)
This is the first time I have ever owned this album believe it or not. I owned Ten when it first came out but by the time Vs.hit the streets I wasn’t a fan. I’m kinda shocked to see that this came out in 1993. The hit tracks are awesome and “Eldery Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town” is a fucking great, timeless song capturing Eddie Vedder at his best. The other half of the album is forgettable. This was from my bro’s stack.

Bjork – Vespertine – Elektra (2001)
I honestly thought this was that accapella album she did and only paid $.95 for this. There is a good chance that I never listen to this album ever. I am not that big a Bjork fan and bought it for the hmmm factor of said album which this isn’t.

Butthole Surfers – Cream Corn/Rembrant Pussyhorse – Touch and Go (1986)
Capitol Records Butthole Surfers were not that great, I admit. But when I saw them in the mid-nineties (with Stone Temple Pilots opening and a one hit wonder version of the annoying Flaming Lips) it was one of the greatest shows ever. My friend Jill used to play the Buttholes all the time in high school and I never had much of a need to own it when I was young since she had it. But now I have my own copy, from the Touch and Go days. Cuz I won’t buy this new since they fucked one of the greatest record labels in the ass.

Sade – Lover’s Rock – Epic (2000)
Little known fact, I am a Sade fan. Her most recent album, not that great, though the single “Soldier of Love” is pretty dope. She has such a great, soothing voice though. Shit just calms me the fuck down. I’ve been meaning to get this album for a while. But I’ve slacked. I once bought this CD for a woman I had relations with. It totally got me laid.

V/A – Soundtrack to the Motion Picture Pulp Fiction – MCA (1994)
I swore I used to own this, and there is a good chance I do actually own a copy of this that is tucked away in storage at the moment. This was also $.95 though, so I couldn’t pass it up. It’s also pretty much the best thing Tarantino has ever done, except for the movie of the same name.

These Arms are Snakes – Oxeneers – Jade Tree (2004)
I had never heard this band previous to buying it. It was part of my great $.95 haul and I figured that was worth a gamble. I’m listening to it now and it’s pretty good. Plus it has a really nice soft focus cover of a naked lady on it. I’m not regretting this one.

Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine TVT (1989), Broken Interscope (1992), Fixed Nothing (1992), The Downward Spiral Interscope (1994)
These are the other CD’s I snagged from my bro. I have been looking for a copy of Pretty Hate Machine for a while now. It’s out of print now and some how has alluded my searches. They are a dime a dozen in Seattle. I bagged the other three CD’s for the hell of it. They are also a dime a dozen in Seattle. I never acquired previously The Downward Spiral. I remember not liking it that much. Looking at the lyric sheet, I can sort of remember why, but I figured what the hell.

Thursday – A City by the Light Divided – Island (2006)
I own all their other CD’s and when this came out I wasn’t that into. I think I mostly picked it up to be a completest. I have only listened to one song on it so far and it didn’t really grab me. Common Existence was a real improvement. But, now I can say I own this one too.

Digable Planets – Blowout Comb – Pendulum Records (1994)
I own their other album and this one is supposed to be better. I haven’t listened to it yet and have not heard the other record in a long time. Regardless, I have been looking for this for a while too. I think it’s out of print.

Rakewon – Only Built for Cuban Linx – Loud (1998)
One of my goals is to own every Wu Tang and main member, proper album no matter how good or bad it is. I don’t really have many of them. Method Man’s Tical, RZA’s Bobby Digital, GZA’s Liquid Swords and ODB’s Nigga Please as well as the sequel to this album. Pretty much I am gonna have to go to Seattle a lot more to finish this quest. This is a classic in the Wu cannon. We rocked it on the way to the race track. That’s how we roll mother fuckers!

Converge – Jane Doe – Equal Vision (2001)
Sometimes I believe the only reason Converge got big is because of the cover of this album. Not that I think that it’s a bad thing, it’s a beautiful cover. Jacob Bannon is a great visual artists, with a great imprint. I am hoping this album lives up to the live show. I own two other Converge albums. They’re okay, but not nearly as good as this band is live.

Young Widows –Settle Down City Jade Tree (2006)
I really want to see this band live. Their album on Temporary Residence is a fucking sleeper classic. I’m not really sure why these Louisville bands are relegated to the ghetto. When they are all said and done all the hipster kids are gonna be falling all over this shit. It’s truly unfair. This record felt a little uneven when I first heard it, but I am willing to give it a second chance. Let’s see what that Jade Tree money did for them (probably nothing since there probably was none).

Metallica – Kill ‘Em All – Megaforce (1983)
It’s been a really long time since I heard this record. I recently picked up Some Kind of Monster on DVD¬† and was listening to the part where all the dudes trying out were playing with the band and it just never sounded that good. Cliff Burton made this band and it’s sad to say that. Kill ‘Em All is a classic metal album. I can’t really forgive myself for not owning a copy of this on CD. The fact that it is over 25 years old is astounding. It’s not timeless by any means, but this album sure as hell has set the standard for so many heavy bands that followed in its wake. Also the fashion statement that they made on the inside cover should not be tread upon lightly. Lets hope it never makes a come back.

Coliseum – No Salvation Relapse (2007)
I saw this band at the Funhouse and they fucking RULED. The guitarist and singer is the brother of the guitarist and singer in Young Widows. Coliseum are more straight forward and heavier. I think their bass player should learn how to breathe fire too. It seems appropriate. Anyway, this band rips shit up. I own their latest record and it rules. I haven’t gotten to this one yet. But I am looking forward to it immensely.

Peaches – The Teaches of Peaches – Kitty- Yo (2000)
This is another album that eluded me for a very long time and now I find it for $2.50 in Seattle. What the fuck is up with that? Whatever, I am so glad I finally own this CD. I can’t believe¬† it’s a decade old. It’s still great and raw and both “Fuck the Pain Away” and “Set It Off” should light up dance clubs from coast to coast and around the globe. You can’t fuck with Peaches man, you just can’t. We rocked this a lot while I was in town and I’ve been kicking it pretty consistently since then as well.