KYS Print Editions Now on PDF.

From this moment forward you can now find issues of KYS as a PDF. You can read this on your computer or download them to an eReader. is really amazing and making really great ways to share documents into the future.  I realize not everyone has an eReader or knows what a paper zine looks like. But this is me getting one step closer to creating a publication that is eco-friendly. Hope you enjoy. Back issues and new issues will be added as they are turned into PDF. Word.

Issue #1 (not yet available)
Issue #2 (not yet available)
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5
Issue #6
Issue #7
Issue #8

Other Zines
She Made Incisions/I Had Thread – A photo zine exploring Torrance County, New Mexico superimposed with shots taken at a performance by the bands Goodtime Boys and Self Defense at the Gasworks in Albuquerque.

Normal Makes Me Nauseous

This is another zine I do from time to time. #1 had a limited run, is not in print and was built via cut and paste. Issue #2 was built all on computers in a day. It was never printed.

Issue #1 (not yet available)
Issue #2


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