Back To Work Sort Of

Hey kids,  what the hell is up? This is just going to be a short and sweet note to let you know that I will be back to blogging a bit next week. I got a sweat post reviewing the new Lungfish reissue over at error vizion scheduled for monday. So I am psyched for that because not having stuff up the last two weeks has bummed me out. So check them out now and then come back here and then check them out on monday.

I will have two reviews up here on Monday and Wednesday and I am going to attempt to have another mix tape up by the end of the week too. I have some guests coming from out-of-town next week so I may go on another hiatus, but I am gonna try to spend some late nights doing some stuff. There’s a sick show in Albuquerque on Friday night at a house with Tenderizor and Sabertooth Cavity that I plan on going to so if that works out look for photos. If I miss this show, fuck it, I think I should just quit trying to be into music and become an accountant or a guidance counselor or some other weak shit.

Finally, issue #6 of the zine is out. It’s $2 and you can find it here along with copies of my new collection of short stories and such. You should totally buy this stuff cuz it’s awesome and you’ll be into it. Just toss them in your basket in your bathroom and read life away while you rip some awesome shits! Man, I hope my mom doesn’t read this post. Anyway, tell your friends about the site and the zine and the book. I’m unemployed and I need some cash flow kids. Help a bro out.


I Write for Error Vizion Now Too.

Hey kids, I have a pretty awesome announcement. Starting today, Monday, May 9th I will be writing for Error Vizion. This is a blog started by my awesome friend Denman Anderson (dude, I need photos so I can post that interview I did) from back in DC. Before I left we met and he started talking about wanting to do  his own thing with some of his friends and people whose work he likes. Denman works his ass off for music. He’s written for True Genius Requires Insanity and did video interviews on All Our Noise. I’m pretty sure he did something for another blog too, but I can’t ever keep up with Denman. Anyway, we have some awesome people that I have met and not yet met on board and it’s gonna be rad. If you are in DC, you should try to go to one of Denman and Sean’s DJ nights. They played fucked up music by depressed people. It’s called Cold Wave I think. I don’t know. Denman’s all over the place. He looks evil, but he’s one of the nicest people I know.

So yea, what this means for KYS. Well, I’m still going to post here, with the same not so regular schedule that you have become accustomed to. But every Monday I plan on having something up on Error Vizion. So, yea, I’ll still be writing here and stuff. Issue Six is almost ready. Still need a photocopier. ABQ is failing me on that one at the moment. Also, I am in the beginning stages of issue #7 with a trip to Demming, NM real soon. #7 is gonna be my biggest issue yet with (I hope) lots of promo and cool events to go along with it. I’m also planning a new, off shoot zine as a split zine with a friend of mine. More on that soon.

So yea, check into Error Vizion everyday for more time wasting, but good writing and stuff on music, fashion, culture and whatever else we put up.

Just Some News and Updates

I am, slowly, getting over whatever deep hell infection has overtaken my body for like the last ten days. I still haven’t left my apartment and spent most of Sunday working on the KYS universe. As you may have noticed, we have a new layout. I think it highlights some of the other aspects of Korrupt Yrself Entertainment that people may have been missing. So you know, buy some zines, buy some art, read some ideology.

The other thing you will notice to the side is a drop down box where you can look at all the different types of content. It’s now also easier to search podcast episodes too. So if you need some new music or just want to hear my voice from back when i used to talk on podcasts, you can just select podcasts. You can find the few interviews easier. Etc. Etc. Here is a link to the podcasts. Get into it.

The biggest news is that Issue #6 of the zine was also laid out this weekend. In honor of that, I figured out I could put PDF’s of the old issues up on So currently, issues 3-5 are available for download as PDF’s. There is a button up top you can click. I will announce when new issues are available. The first two issues might be a while because those I have to actually scan.

Issue 6 needs to be laid out by hand and then I need to find someone with access to a photocopier (greater Albuquerque, holler at me if you have an office job and after hours/weekend access). Once I have physical copies, issue 6 will be available for download. They look great on the Nook Color. Let me know how they work on your eReaders and Tablets and stuff. Definitely looking for feedback.

Doing PDF versions of the zine has been something I wanted to do from the start. I wanted people to have instant access in digital form as a way to cut down on paper. I will continue to do paper zines for the foreseeable future. I like the analog version, but I thought this option was a way to show that we can have our own digital publishing and we still don’t have to rely on corporations to tell us what to put on our devices.

Anyway, thanks for the support. I’m psyched that KYS has lasted this long and been this consistent with output. I really love the hell out of doing this. Take care.

The Art of The Self Portrait. Or, How I Am Going on Hiatus Again This Week. Or, You Probably Think I Love My Self Too Much For Which I Have No Argument Against

If, by any chance you come here often enough to have missed me last week and then suffered through my epic poem about Pygmy Lush and Des Ark, then you are perhaps wondering what is going on here at KYS. And for that I will probably offer you very little in the way of answers that will satisfy. Mostly, I am tired. Both physically and mentally.

Since October I have mostly been updating this blog on a daily basis, offering up show and record reviews and pointing you towards some awesome free music that’s out there on the interwebs for you to download in the event that you aren’t like Justin and able to hack the shit out of life. Frankly, that shit was kind of wearing me out, especially as the list of new releases piled up and didn’t get reviewed.  Doing record reviews kind of sucks when that’s like the main focus of your blog and that was never my intention. It was mostly a way to have some sort of outlet while I was sitting around at my mom’s house. Now that I am not there, I don’t really want to do that.

I’m not going to lie, seeing Des Ark and Pygmy Lush and listening to their new albums kind of fucked me up. They are totally amazing and made me realize, all this diving into shit was seriously depleting the way I listen to and enjoy music. But frankly there hasn’t been much in a long time that has made me go crazy like Old Friends which I have listened to just short of twenty times since Friday. I haven’t even been up that long. Seriously.

Also, I’ve been really lazy. I’m kinda of freaking out that I am not working. Part of why I am freaking out is because I am not doing a lot to get a job. Sometimes this makes me feel awesome, like I am telling the man to fuck off. But I’m also not doing all the things I should be to make money for myself. I need some structure. So I need to reevaluate.

I’m taking the rest of this week off of blogging, and I might not come back with any regularity again for the foreseeable future. I might feel really refreshed and start writing about music again next week. I don’t really know. I just know that Korrupt Yr Self was not really meant for the web. So I’ve started on Issue #6 too. I have two pieces written already. One of them is about music actually. I contemplated putting the last epic head puke in my zine, but something about that felt like it needed to be immediate and available to a wider audience.

Also, I am doing a reading in Albuquerque, NM at a Zine show. It’s April 7th, 2011 at Cellar Door Gifts and Gallery. More information can be found by clicking here or by looking at the flier that’s like right next to all this text  you are consuming. I’ve wanted to do a zine reading since I started this. I’m not going to lie, I wish I was well read enough to do a modest sized tour like my hero, Al Burian. But he’s a better writer and zine maker than I am and he’s been in the game a lot longer than I have. Never the less, it’s something I am exploring doing. So if you live anywhere on the west coast and want to help me out with a show, a meal and a place to sleep and probably a ride to and from a Greyhound station that would be super awesome of you. If you live in Albuquerque you should come to this event. I’ll be the guy that looks like the guy up and to the left.

So that’s the long and short of it all. I’m trying to take more photos but the only other subject besides bands that I seem to like to take is photos of me. That photos is of me after getting back from Phoenix. I was totally angry and sleep deprived and I wanted to sleep so bad but there was so much light outside. It totally sucked. Also, I’ve been listening to They Might Be Giants for the last hour or so. Man, they are a great band that I don’t listen to nearly enough. Anyway, thanks for hanging out.

KYS Zine – The Reason You Are Here – Issue #5 Out Now

Hey kids, I know things at KYS have been pretty fucking weird lately. The Podcasts are kind of not in existence at the moment and probably won’t be for a while. A great deal of writing has been hashed up and I’m pretty psyched about that. I am hoping to get a bunch of posts up through October and even crank out enough content to make November worthwhile (more on that in a minute) so you know, I am glad you have all come by. I think there are even some new readers and stuff which is rad. I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment or send me an email or something.

The best news is that Issue #5 is done. I worked on this simultaneously to Issue #4 (which is still available) so it came out fairly quickly. This will be the last issue for a long time (just one second, be patient) and I am really proud of it. I sent copies to Razorcake for review so hopefully they will write about it soon. I also sent Issue#4 and #5 to Microcosom to consider for distribution. You can pick it up in Smash! if you live in DC for free or you can email me at goodgovernor(at) with an address and I will send them out. I’m really proud of this issue. The cover was done by my friend Alex Munoz, I did a lot of proof reading, got two great interviews and did some new stuff I wanted to try with the layout. I am looking into ePublishing as well, so if you have an eReader a PDF of this will be hosted shortly for download. If you do a distro, are in a band or just want your friends to read them, get in touch and I will send you a stack.

So, in November I am moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have lived in Virginia for 20 years and it is now time for me to venture out elsewhere. I am excited, scared, a little bit sad and anxious to go on this adventure. It’s a bit strange to think in less than 30 days I will in another state, so different from the one I know and love, totally on my own, far from my parents, far from loved ones and in a more secluded, smaller city. I don’t have much plans at the moment, nor a job in the future, so you know, send me iTunes gift cards, records, tapes, mp3’s and other stuff.

So with that, November will be pretty sparse in terms of updates. I want to crank out some more rants and stuff if I can. I have ideas for issue #6 and when I get settled, I will be busting out my recording equipment and making better podcasts. I’m also going to be doing some more hand-made, limited edition zines too when I get settled. I don’t know what the punk/indie scene is like in the ABQ (if you know anyone that lives there, please get them in touch with me) but it’s going to be exciting.

Thanks again for reading, I totally appreciate it. It might get a little boring around here for awhile, but I promise it will get just as radical once again. Take care.

KYS Issue #4

Yo, Issue 4 is DONE. It goes over a year in the life of me and thinking about skin cancer, Death and my friends. It also has some photos and has facts about skin cancer. It’s 20 pages and I’m really excited to have it. If you want one, drop me an email with your address at and I will hook you up. Wanna leave them around your town? I will send you ten.

Thanks for the support. Podcast #11 is going up tomorrow for you. Thanks for being crucial to KYS. I appreciate it.

Told You I Wasn’t Lying, Scum Bag

Cover of next issue. Slapping it together tonight. Hopefully I can print up some this week. Be on the look out.