About the Author

Author PhotoErik Gamlem is a writer and musician currently of Albuquerque, NM. They have been self publishing zines, chap books, poetry collections and short stories for 23 years. They author the zine Korrupt Yr Self and recently had their short story The Sad Elwha published by Tarasoff press in 2016. They are currently the vocalist for Boyfriend Armada and have played in such bands as Contortionist, Swales, Rudest Priest and the Italian Rats.While on tour in 2016 they were attacked by a beaver in the Illinois River. They decided to never bother nature again.




Web Sites Of Other Projects I Do

flickr – photos I take

etsy – stuff I make and sell including buttons, stickers, zines and hard copies of books

Amazon – buy my ebook for your kindle

Nook – buy my ebook for your Nook

Facebook – my author page on Facebook with news on readings, new stories, zines and other happenings, findings and musings

twitter – from time to time

Tarasoff Press – read my story The Sad Elwha here. Order a copy of it and other great publications.