The Time for Politeness is Over

This small piece on the Onion’s website is baby town frolics in comparison to what we have to look forward to. That child is part of the disgusting elite, and he will follow in that pathway should we allow our pleasantries to continue. Satire is a crucial to public discourse.


Tonight I came home after a rather inspiring show in my hometown. It was the final show for local Albuquerque punk band The Ill Motion. It was a bittersweet evening for many reasons. The obvious ones are that something beautiful and positive is coming to an end. The other is the underlying fear that it will be harder and harder for subculture communities to find spaces and outlets to openly express themselves. Tonight a room full of kids got to gather in a coffee shop and sing along with their friends. There was no beer served, no companies selling anything, no violence. It was a place where this cities young, desperate for outlets to pursue and enjoy their lives, actually got to be free and excited about something.

I sat at my computer. I am working on a story for a Young Adult series I want to attempt to author. It is about resistance against evil. I am working on a background story to give myself some context and maybe, one day if this work ever comes to fruition, give a future audience something special. I made the mistake of getting on facebook. Ungh. I was immediately disheartened.

I have never had much fondness for the so called American Political Left. I find their stances weak and their tactics soft. Further, The American Left is filled with blind, dumb, privileged white people, whom despite their access to education and often coming from large, diverse cities, have their heads up their asses. The last two days of social media have been over saturated with this type of disappointed expression against impolite, destructive and even violent tactics that have been used to demonstrate that the oppressed are no longer going to accept the old model of protests and dissent.

The issue in particular seems small. But this is the entire problem. Everything matters now. The small stuff matters. And the left’s desire for civil discourse has been the problem for decades. And as we face literal fascism in our country, the time for this type of so-called civil behavior is over. It is time to recognize that the comforts and continuities that we enjoy have a short lifespan. That our physical being is under attack. It is no longer just the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the colonized, the outcast whose lives are in danger. It is everyone who is not the right.

I read a post objecting to a small article in the Onion. It is a picture of Baron Trump, the child of our so-called president. He is looking, as kids do, bewildered. The photo’s caption reads: Bored Barron Trump Counts Confederate Flags In Inauguration Crowd To Pass Time. The author of the post indicated that normalizing the satirizing of children should not be tolerated. I disagree and I wrote as much and then I unfollowed the post and removed it from my feed. The implication that Baron Trump is off limits while queer people are murdered, while black people are murdered, while indigenous people are murdered, while Muslims are murdered, while sex workers are murdered, while the disabled are mocked is, in fact, insulting.

To be clear, our now President lowered the bar. Neither he, nor his family deserves the platitudes of respect of the public he is trying desperately to misalign and purposely attack. This small piece on the Onion’s website is baby town frolics in comparison to what we have to look forward to. That child is part of the disgusting elite, and he will follow in that pathway should we allow our pleasantries to continue. Satire is a crucial to public discourse. Further, the child in question is not being attacked or mocked as so many other children of our President’s have been for their looks or other awful topics. He’s being poked at because he is the child of a RACIST MISOGYNIST HOMOPHOBIC MILITARY LOVING PIECE OF SHIT. Some one needs to clue him the fuck in before he becomes our version of Kim Jong-un.

It is already becoming quite clear to me that I will probably be losing quite a few friends in the coming years. And no, not intelligently crippled right wing shit bags who don’t get it. In my social media circle there is only one person I know that had the audacity to vote for Trump. I am not going to spend my time trolling or arguing with him, nor am I going to get in fights on the internet with bleeding heart liberals about their white feelings and bullshit manners. Fuck them. Seriously, fuck them. I’ve always been outspoken, opinionated and issued my ideas with a type of steadfast, confrontational conviction. And I will continue to do so. But I am not gonna have debates about deferential attitudes and behavior. I have never valued politeness, in myself or anyone else. Softening the message to me is as dishonest as being silent. I don’t have time for that.

One of the commenters on the post who agreed indicated they wrote to the Onion asking them to take the article down. I decided to write them in favor of the article. Below is the email I sent. I will not stand for tolerance of evil. I will not allow it to be dignified with conciliatory attitudes and behavior. I will no longer let the left get away with their bullshit and not voice my opposition. I wake up every morning from nightmares about what’s going to happen to my friends, the people I love, the people I care about, the people I see struggle. I will not live in fear, and I will not allow the white, upper class left to censor people and their expression against oppression, in whatever form that takes. Fuck you. I’m tired of your politeness. Get on board or get mowed over with the fucking fascists. I have tired of your bullshit.


I have already come across some so-called well meaning, left leaning people that are upset about this small story you posted.

They have indicated that they wrote you asking to remove it from your site saying that satirizing the child of our now, so called president is shameful. I disagree with that sentiment and want to offer a counter objection to theirs.  Governors and their families are not free from public scrutiny. And while some will argue that children have little choice in the matter of what their terrible parents do, it does not give them a free pass of shelter from the reality of how terrible their parents may be.
Further, the polite left and all these good natured kiss asses need to wake the fuck up. Shit is bad. It’s about to get worse. Poking at the child of a rapist, misogynist, racist piece of shit is hardly uncalled for. It’s down right playful as far as I am concerned. The rules have changed. The gloves are off and if the rest of us aren’t safe, those queer, people of color, Muslims, disabled, etc., etc., neither then should the child of a disgusting human being who happens to be in the white house.

Please continue to use humor to help dismantle this terrible new regime. Please do not let up under pressure from anyone.

Thank You