Shit I Actually Liked in 2016 part one.

this weird, kind of perverted crime story about two people who fuck and then rob banks because their orgasms make time stop is pretty much one of the most beautiful comics made


Year End lists are always a favorite of mine. No one ever puts good shit on them, or at least not shit I think is worthy. It’s been several years since I compiled one of these so I am pretty excited for this. Also, to celebrate my return to blogging after what seems too long a hiatus I am going to include for the first time some short reviews of comics and a little plug for the only TV show I actually watch with any focus.

I saw exactly one new movie this year in theaters, Gimmie Danger, The Stooges Documentary by Jim Jarmusch and frankly, if you don’t see that movie or if you didn’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you. Over all I’ve lost my love for cinema over the last few years. The stories and writing in film on all levels has gotten terrible. I mean, I’ll probably go see Star Wars because I was five in 1983 and that movie is a part of my fabric, terrible or not.

TV is mostly shit as well. I know we are also supposed to love Game of Thrones and shit, but most TV just feels incredibly racist and filled with rape or domestic abuse as the only plot device. Which is terrible to think of when talking about The Affair because rape is totally a plot point last season in one episode. But damn if it isn’t one of the best written shows I have ever seen. All the details, the fact the none of the characters are trustworthy, that Dominic West is such a babe but his character is unabashedly fucked up. Season three seems to be heading in a great direction with it’s first strong female lead whose problems are not those of a rich, white woman but that with actual heartbreak. Some of the story line leaves a lot to be desired (though in Episode Two when one of the students makes a comment about West’s character’s homogenous book plots is a great breaking of the fourth wall and meta-commentary) but the writing and execution is so great. Besides, you never feel sorry for everyone because the whole story is about perception and how flawed it is. That’s what gets me the most.

I want to write more about my new found love and obsession with comic books. Overall, comics have replaced movies for me. I am still a novice and mostly a main stream reader for the most part. In fact, every comic I am gonna talk about is an Image Comic because they put out most of what I read regularly. I am not a fan of the superhero comic or troupe but the Crime Noir and weirdo fantasy set in reality type stuff really gets my goat. Just this last month issue #4 of both Kill or Be Killed and Black Monday Murders did for me exactly what I want crime stories to do which is drag me deeper into the world of the writer and leave me wanting more. Kill or Be Killed is especially intriguing now because they are distancing themselves from the premise of the devil as motivator, which is something I like. I prefer that being nebulous and undefined. My favorite mini-series this year was Air Boy. Originally printed as a four part series starting in 2014, they collected it this year. The meta nature of it was just really well done. Plus DICKS everywhere is funny. Sex Criminals is a favorite of mine though it seems to be on hiatus. But this weird, kind of perverted crime story about two people who fuck and then rob banks because their orgasms make time stop is pretty much one of the most beautiful comics made. Issue 13 was particularly awesome as well because it introduces asexuality not as separate from sexuality but as part of the sexuality spectrum. That issue was super great and the asexual monster that comes into play is super cute cuz asexuals are cute.

Hopefully as I continue to spend all of my money at the comic book shop I will expand my reading list and get some great, new authors. Though I am not gonna lie, next on my list is the graphic novel versions of The Baby Sitters Club. I still have a crush on Claudia.

Well this is Part One. Next time I’ll be talking strictly about music, both in the form of releases I loved and two books I highly recommend.