More dreams

Last night I had some really weird dreams. I was on vacation with my “family” but it was like this weird extended family with brothers and sisters, including a sibling I hated and a father that was prone to getting in auto accidents. In this dream, my “sister” was obsessed with playing card games she would make up on the fly in the R/V we travelled in, but I couldn’t concentrate on the card games because I had spent thousands of dollars on stack amps for my band Contortionist. I had added an Ampeg, Peavey and Sears Silvertone to this mountain of cabinets and plugs. They kept shifting around and I tried to turn them all off, because the buzzing was too loud and driving me crazy, but even after I unplugged everything, including a PA that was set amongst the mountain, the noise wouldn’t go away. I was climbing up and over and around the amps, trying to find the source of the noise. I never could figure out which amp was on as the electrical noise became louder and louder.

At a rest stop, myself, my “sister” and “brother” tossed a football around. My “sister” and I were cordial with one another, but we would both throw the football away from, or short of my “brother”. I woke up and downloaded the new Taxpayer’s album. I’m going to the Dudes Room to try and write a song about this article in the Washington Post.