Bandcamp Alert #2 – Beke Dragoste

Kitsch art is not something I always enjoy. It’s often people making music or art or theater to poke fun at  stereotypes. And in the case of Beke Dragoste, that element exists in a sense. The band’s male member have been known to grow mustaches of an eastern European style when they would play in Albuquerque. Further, they would dawn gold chains, white tank tops and Adidas work out suits all in an attempt to be a Gypsy Punk Band. But Albuquerque, in all it’s weirdness has such an odd, displaced punk scene, that any thing that tries is worth paying attention to.

Apparently, Beke Dragoste is calling it quits after a long hiatus in June according to an email I received from drummer Nyet Nyet Dragoste. This is  bummer, because Duke City could really use this band. Humor is a hard sell and Beke Dragoste seems to have enough humility in what they are doing that they pull it off. Or maybe they are a bunch of assholes who just want to take the stereotypes of the gypsy culture and make music about it. There just won’t be enough time to tell at this point since they are calling it a day in June, before even really having an opportunity to take hold of Albuquerque, like just about every other band I’ve heard of from here (does NOISEAR even play in town?).

The good, you can download a 6 track EP off band camp for free. Their one and only offering is called Peace, Love and Water and it’s full of laughs, low fi recordings and nice roomy drum hits. Fans of Gogo Bordello with a sense of humor might be into this, but really, if you just like to crack a smile and realize the world doesn’t have to always be so serious, just pick it up for the nice price of free.


3 thoughts on “Bandcamp Alert #2 – Beke Dragoste

  1. Awesome, somebody who actually gets that the ‘fake’ part is half the fun and that, yeah, we know we’re being ridiculous but we’re pretty good at it for amateurs and you may as well join in and have fun, too. You’re willing to let go a little bit and just laugh–the motto of the band being, “you’re laughing with us or at us or we’re laughing at you”. You’re a rare bird in this town. Maybe that’s why bands like Beke move on or give up.

    I started this band as a response to a number of issues. One is music with a message just doesn’t come naturally to me, though it is most important to me, and so we sing about the horrors of blowing children up behind all that fakeness, but the words still get out. Another is that I absolutely love Gogol Bordello and have, frankly, no chance of ever playing in a legitimate gypsy band so I started a very fake one, in hopes that not too many would be offended if we were very upfront about it and we stuck to some of the underlying messages of real gypsy music, those of equality and the wisdom of the 99 percent.

    At any rate, just thought I’d respond to a critic who actually bothered to listen to the words and think about the whole picture instead of just writing yet another review worthy of a particularly pissy high schooler.

    Beke Dragoste is actually just moving to the Pacific Northwest where he will rebuild and continue under the heading “Albuquerque’s Premier Fake Gypsy Punk Band” so we’ll be here in spirit. Again, thanks for actually paying attention.

  2. I just hired Beke and his band of merry misfits for a recent benefit to raise money for an organization that helps homeless families…they are not only fun, but i assure you there is a method to their madness (speaking of Madness, they bare a slight sonic and aesthetic resemblance to that ska-punk 80s band). Scratch the surface just a bit and you’ll see some serious social commentary. Their no-holds-barred zaniness just helps the medicine go down.

  3. Love it! Love the group Beke Draagoste, love the words. I knew this was a great group the first time I got to see them. Now that others are starting to take note… they are folding. Sigh.

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