Father of the Flood – Disclosure/Salt Verse Video

My man Daniel Brigman, who runs the collective/space known as Moldspores in Albuquerque and played in the almighty Streights keeps even more busy with his solo sound project Father of the Flood. Despite being a home body, thanks to youtube, I’ve been able to watch a lot of his performances he captures on video. This is one of the reason’s I like Daniel. He recognizes the importance of documentation by any means and goes and does it.

But now he has a collage video which features what appears to be two soundtracks. The combination of soft sounds and images slammed up against high-pitched noise and scenes of surgery (including several shots of a penis being cut open) reminds me of the Hide/Seek exhibition that was done at the National Portrait Gallery right before I left Washington DC. It’s shocking and disturbing in the way shocking and disturbing should be. Mostly because it draws you in.

Albuquerque seems to afford different types of people from all over this country to create outside of the vacuum’s of big city cool. I often find it funny when people here talk about hipsters, because I don’t feel like there is enough unity or cohesiveness in this town that could warrant anyone the title. Personally, I’ve never seen these uber cools at the shows I go to, but the shows I go to seem too far in between. Mostly of my own doing. Either way, Daniel Brigman exists to create art, in many ways and through different media. I urge you to check out his blog for the show space/label he runs here. The art for the fliers alone are worth your time. Brigman doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down any time soon, so keep this on your radar.


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