Slices – Still Cruising

Still Cruising
Iron Lung Records/Band Camp

Today, I feel like I have a responsibility. For the first time in a long time, I feel like the free service of blogging I do on this here stupid blog site is necessary. It’s necessary because on of the loudest, most fucked up, crushing bands I’ve ever heard has had a new album out since March of this year and I am only now hearing about it. This is a shame. So as a member of the DIY punk/music blogging “community” in which I interact with NO ONE, I feel it is my duty to tell the public, via the saturated internet that Slices are back and they are Still Cruising as they mightily claim on the title of their new album.

In 2010 I threw the unexpected knowledge at you about this band Slices from the gritty, shitty streets of wonderful Pittsburgh, PA. The band floored me with the noise, aggression and chaos and made it into  the #4 spot in my top five records for 2010. It was an entry into my pop history that felt so needed. Well, the band is back, just two years later with an even more blistering rock and roll stomp. And I do mean, Rock and Roll. Don’t let the format fool you, this band is still ready to cut throats at blistering speeds, but the sound is refined and cut at a faster rate. Basically, Slices stopped fucking around.

With just ten tracks and twenty one minutes, Slices steps up the dirty punk and roll sound all while pushing the limits of their amps. The sound of a band refined brings out the best now in Slices, the bass guitar being audible as an instrument instead of a rumble and the drums bashing triumphantly. Slices didn’t turn up to show you how it used to be done, they came at you with a new velocity and it’s gonna fucking trip you up and make you land on your face, breaking your front teeth on the pavement.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to make of this. It’s a band reborn. They made other bands seem pedestrian once already, that they would keep the durge and turn up the speed is a step I couldn’t even imagine. They got more aggressive and angry, but they sound SO FUCKING GOOD. Just as dangerous, but more refined, delivering a more precise kill.

As other blogs continue to sell indie music as a lifestyle choice and a fashion campaign, Slices reminds us that back when the moniker was coined we had loud bands that sounded like bloody hell and shit too. They are the proof that you can be talented, write good songs and pummel the fuck out of the audience, scaring people. The word indie is supposed to mean independently produced and distributed. Slices maintains that. Further, they are independent of trends manufactured to peers set on usurping them. Slices stay a step ahead of the game and frankly, they are set to fucking destroy.


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