Bandcamp Alert #1 – Get Rad

Get Rad is an awesome hardcore/punk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can’t really get more awesome than this band. So when I recently found their entire discography available for free download through bandcamp, I decided it was about time to set up a decent feature on this half dead blog. I find a lot of great music through bandcamp. Frankly, it’s the wave of the future. Any band can sell direct to the consumer, and this includes physical product. Bandcamp takes a small fee and you get awesome music. No corporate bullshit sponsoring adds, no major labels taking up the limited visual space. No shitty search engines.

So anyway, Get Rad is the first band to be featured in this short little feature that I’ve decided to rock. The band was first reviewed here by my cat Beau Beau after they released the spectacular I Can Always Live LP. Beau Beau wasn’t a fan, but I sure as hell was. You can pick that up along with the very Avail sounding What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense which, if you loved Avail, should make you feel pretty good. They even have an awesome song on this 9 song rager called “GR-WTF”.  Also up for grabs is the crushing Chose Your Own Adventure 5 song EP. This one is a bit more gritty and slamming. But really, you can’t go wrong with this band in any way, shape or form.

The other thing that makes Get Rad totally radical is that you can pick up all their music for free. So if you’re not sure, or you missed out on these harder to find EP’s or you’re a broke ass like me, you can still thrash hard to the amazing blast beats.

Man, I should totally have my cat review more albums. That dude is a pimp!


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