2011 At The End

This blog has been mostly inactive since October. For a number of reasons, I didn’t really feel like writing about music. Or anything else for that matter. It’s just one of those things that happens to writers. Sometimes, they actually live their lives. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Living life, rather than sitting in front of this blasted computer, writing about music like people care anymore. And maybe they do.

Some people sent me reviews for records that I listened to. Some of them I liked. Some of them I didn’t like at all. But I didn’t feel compelled to talk about them. I don’t feel like talking about music, which was sort of the point of this blog. And now that I don’t really feel like working on the point of this blog now, I just didn’t write them. So if you sent me something and I didn’t review it, sorry.

This year, 2011, I did the following things: I joined and quit a band, I started a band with a person I respect, admire and love very much, we went to Phoenix to see two of my favorite bands and bonded, we played our first show together, I learned how to screen print, I made a zine and did a bunch of readings, I put out a short collection of stories, I bought two basses and two guitars, I met some friends, broke some hearts and had some incredible times, I got shit faced on Halloween and decided to puke and streak in a house full of strangers, I saw the Pixies in Santa Fe with my best friend in the whole world, I also saw No Age in a VFW hall, renewing my faith that music can still be powerful even when the hipsters try to corrupt it, for money I was an extra on a TV show, did freelance writing for a tech company, delivered news papers and recently transported the body of a deceased person across state lines, I didn’t make near enough doing these things to actually live but they were experiences I will never trade, I met a young lady who challenges and changes me every day with her grace, compassion, honesty, love and desire to learn, love and grow.

You came for the records though, didn’t you. You don’t care about the personal life of some asshole blogger. Okay, maybe if you are one of my friends who reads this shit out of kindness. Normally, I go ape shit on like five awesome records. But this year, I just don’t care. I’m just gonna give you my opinion of the  5 records you should listen to that came out this year. They are as follows:

Des Ark – Don’t Rock the Boat Sink The Fucker. Lovitt Records – By now, if you don’t know how amazing Aimee Argote is then I can’t help you. Stop having a shitty life and go buy this album now. You will cry and love and laugh and pound fists and beers. Don’t be fucking stupid.

Pygmy Lush – Old Friends. Lovitt Records – Pygmy Lush are simply the best band that no one is talking about. This album is the reason I hate not just the music industry of major labels and hipster douche bags, but even independent punk music. No one cares, except the people at Lovitt and the guys in Pygmy Lush. And it shines through on this epic fucking album.

Waxahatchee – American Weekend. Self Released – Katie Crutchfield owns hearts as she breaks them. Honestly, I don’t think there is gonna be a song writer that emerges from this DIY scene of kids with no confidence like Katie. She’s a buzz word for her band, for her writing and because we still live in a world where girls with guitars get comodified. But Katie is more than that. ANd this album proves it. Set for vinyl release in January, every one is gonna be talking about this.

Assholeparade!/Slight Slappers – split. No Idea – I just got back from having lunch with Justin and I listened to this album on my cold, snowy, desert drive. I hate the world and it’s grey skies, but I am so thankful for Assholeparade! In the DIY perspective, Assholeparade! is a juggernaut. And the best part of this is Slightslappers is now I part of my musical lexicon. The older I get the more I want loud and fast. The first three records this year mentioned are very in tune with my past, Assholeparade and Slightslappers are very much my present.

Zomes – Earth Grids. Thrill Jockey – Asa Osborne. He does what he does, the way he does. The way he makes music makes so much sense to me. Sometimes it feels like my own celestial vibrations being put on vinyl. You probably won’t like this at all. But I don’t care, it’s some seriously amazing sounds.

I don’t know what the future is for Korrupt Yr Self, the zine or the blog. I didn’t find my voice this year, or at least I don’t feel like I did. Or I couldn’t hone it or something. I don’t know. 2012 is going to be filled with even more adventures, bigger changes and a lot to ruminate upon. Thank you for stopping by.