This is How I Get By This Week, With Total Fucking Dichotomy.

Someone I know, somewhere on a social network said using expletives, especially THE F WORD when commenting or posting stuff was uncouth. But here’s the thing, audience, friends, family, future employers; I have either sprained or torn a ligament in my knee. Judging by the constant pain in my knee, I think it’s a tear. I’ve sprained stuff before. It swells up for a few days and then goes away. Right now, I just want to murder puppies, Republicans, male college undergrads and anyone who rides a longboard. That or sleep, because the pain is just kind of unbearable. So, at least for a little while, if you could excuse my profanity laden blog posts (this includes everything from this week) as it’s all been written under the influence of pain. Not drugs, not alcohol, not my normal, ranting idiocy, just pure, angry, hurty, pain.

I know that decorum should be maintained when presenting ideas to the world, that one should present their ideas in an educated and polite manner. But honestly, right now, I don’t care too much about that kind of bullshit. I mean sometimes I just get lazy, but right now, shit is fucked. I don’t want this knee any more. It’s getting to the point where it’s god damn unbearable. So please, if you are reading this in the unforeseen future as a judgement to my worth, keep in mind that this tiny part of my body that is responsible for keeping my knee in tact and thus me from crumbling under the weight of gravity is torn and it basically sucks and I want to cry all the time and it’s making me sick. So if there are a few “fuck”s or “shit”s or I miss a fucking period or decide not to double check this for other errors because lying on the floor, writhing in agony seems like a better use of my time, please, excuse me.

Oh, the point of this whole thing. It’s pretty simple. I have spent a little bit of time enamored with some awesome Audio/Visual presentations by two artists this week. The first that I want to point you to is this awesome video of Canadian Basia Bulat covering Ted Leo and the Pharmacists song “Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?”. Watch it first then check back with me.
Basia Bulat covers Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
*please note that this is supposed to look like a nice video contained in this post. But I don’t write, nor understand embedded code links provided by third parties, so you you will just have to pretend.

I’m pretty much in love with Basia Bulat because of this video. Even though I can’t pronounce her name. I am even looking over the fact that she is Canadian with that flappy head and beady little eyes. Her rendition of Ted’s song (one of my favorites from Hearts of Oak) is so honest in it’s reverence for this song. After previewing her latest album, I see too that this is out of her comfort zone. But you can’t really tell by this performance. I’ve watched this video easily fifteen times in the last few days and have now been pretty much only been listening to Ted Leo. With one exception.

Pretty much, by now, if you haven’t figured out that I am pretty much a moron, then you clearly just don’t care about me. And for that, fuck you. Seriously. But anyway, I love Too Many Daves. I love them a lot. I have a half finished tattoo (any one got $500 bucks I can borrow) based on a 30 second song by this band. I also just bought their new EP that I didn’t even know about because of this video. Because I seriously think this band rules. I mean, it’s five dudes, all named Dave, playing dumb songs about dumb shit. This song is about some unemployed, drunk fucking dude, who while the wife/girlfriend/lady guardian figure is away at work decides to build what is essentially a club house that is strictly for bros. This Calvin-esq (by that I mean Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs you fucking no0b) display is furthered by the dudes request for a hot dog spinner and a monkey from the employed lady figure. The video pretty much visualizes what existed in my head for said “Dude’s Room”. Which I mean, wasn’t a stretch. Also, this song was inspired in part by the film Mr. Mom which I haven’t seen in a lot of years, but I want to see it again.

Anyway, I am very emotional about these two videos and this new Too Many Daves EP that I just downloaded. I kind of want to just cry from joy and pain. Also, the song “Grab Me a Beer, Man” makes me want to drink a beer. Also, this all proves I am both sensitive and caring and into arty stuff and all that and a total beer drinking, idiotic fat dude. This is the dichotomy of life all in one. Or maybe it just proves I’ve had too many shots to the head by boots, trees, concrete, aluminum bats and other objects that hurt in my life. Whatever. Watch the videos and be happy you can walk without hurting yourself.