Unemployment does not equal not working

This is what I did yesterday: woke up, brushed teeth, got online and looked at dozens of zine distro sites around the world, listened to J Mascis,  wrote a few emails to strangers, accidentally watched the Courtney Love behind the music on youtube, read some of The Important of Being Ernest for school that hasn’t started yet, wrote more people, went for a walk, listened to Sean McCardle, wrote my friend Katy about the new band on her label, listened to Title Fight, wrote copy for my new zine distro, read an article about Spotify, tried to post something on facebook that had an argument, was intelligent, and respectful, listened to ipod on shuffle, looked at more zinesters, did some outreach for zinesters and zine fest. wrote more copy, saw steam come out of my ears, drank a cup of root beer.