Dead Language – S/T LP

Dead Language
Iron Lung Records

It’s been a minute, dear readers since I have laid any awesomeness upon you about any music that may or may not be crossing my path. I will admit, not much is grabbing my attention lately. I’ve been scouring the blogs, the internet, the torrents and all kinds of unseemly places* looking for new music that excites me. But unfortunately, there isn’t too much in the way of awesome rock destruction that’s really getting me psyched.

The other problem I was having is over the last 13 days I was delivering newspapers for a friend of mine while he went and fist pumped and drank excessively on the Jersey Shore. I know he said it was a family vacation and all he did was hang out with his  (molesting?) uncles and drank beer, but I saw the glimmer and glint in his eyes upon return.  Dude was getting his smoosh on. He is part Italian. So, I haven’t really been listening to a lot of music. In fact, it’s only been in the last day or two that I found the time to really infect my ears with any brutal noise. I was lucky to find Dead Language amongst my recent finds.

Featuring members of Iron Lung and a bunch of bands I’ve never heard, Dead Language is sick as all hell. It’s mostly a thrash/grind infusion featuring totally crunchy, lo-fi sounding guitars cranked up too loud. The band kind of just uglies their way through the first seven blisteringly fast tracks. They kind of give a little reprieve on “They’re Still Out There” which features a far too short bass interlude, that could have used a few more seconds.

But Dead Language aren’t just trying to pulverize without depth. “We Are Watching You Fail” may only be a short thirty-eight seconds, but the doubled up drum cadence that carries most of the song, is mind twisting and fucked up. The off time march is heavy and angry, but it’s also a nice mind fuck where multiple drum hits are set out of sync. The added color found on this LP clearly makes it stand out from all the other blogcore kids out there just trying to get all angry and loud with you.

After seven short, fast and gross songs, Dead Language pulls back, retreating into itself and celebrating the chaos with two longer songs. The first, “A New Dark Age” clocks in at only 2:45 seconds, but starts with an epic trudge that falls apart into grind beats, retracted breaks, and stretches of hollow sounding sludge jams before falling apart into white noise and bass string hits.

The real celebration comes at the end though with the epic “Misanthropy”, a nine minute festival of the most inbred kind. The song is as long or longer than the rest of the this stunning debut and takes all the time in the world to unfold. This is not a band of dudes that only know one brutal way of being. And though the title of the song is contrite and played out, especially in any kind of post-punk/metal scene, the intro caries a dark and ominous tone, the noises mostly just unfolding before the band beats into the rest of the song. Dead Language has a great, fucked up bass tone that sounds like all the speakers have been kicked in, and on this track it lifts itself to the top of the mix, creating the sound of dense concrete being thrown at you.

There is so much shit out there, especially in the music scenes made up of decaying middle class white men. To stand out in this world actually takes effort. To get into the uncollected mind of a man who is exhausted, possibly concussed, and suffering the effects of being weary of music, Dead Language delivers a much-needed shot in the arm. It doesn’t take much, just a bit of thought and effort, and this album has enough to keep it lean and mean while still being interesting enough to warrant multiple listens in a sea of one and done spins.

*editors note – I have actually, in my unemployed and quickly depleting state bought a few records, including Lungfish’s Unanimous Hour reissue, the new Raw Nerve and Vile Gash EPs on Youth Attack and the new split LP with Assholeparade, the best grind band ever!


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