Back To Work Sort Of

Hey kids,  what the hell is up? This is just going to be a short and sweet note to let you know that I will be back to blogging a bit next week. I got a sweat post reviewing the new Lungfish reissue over at error vizion scheduled for monday. So I am psyched for that because not having stuff up the last two weeks has bummed me out. So check them out now and then come back here and then check them out on monday.

I will have two reviews up here on Monday and Wednesday and I am going to attempt to have another mix tape up by the end of the week too. I have some guests coming from out-of-town next week so I may go on another hiatus, but I am gonna try to spend some late nights doing some stuff. There’s a sick show in Albuquerque on Friday night at a house with Tenderizor and Sabertooth Cavity that I plan on going to so if that works out look for photos. If I miss this show, fuck it, I think I should just quit trying to be into music and become an accountant or a guidance counselor or some other weak shit.

Finally, issue #6 of the zine is out. It’s $2 and you can find it here along with copies of my new collection of short stories and such. You should totally buy this stuff cuz it’s awesome and you’ll be into it. Just toss them in your basket in your bathroom and read life away while you rip some awesome shits! Man, I hope my mom doesn’t read this post. Anyway, tell your friends about the site and the zine and the book. I’m unemployed and I need some cash flow kids. Help a bro out.


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