So, yea, my life has been a bit strange lately. I’m gonna be delivering news papers full-time for 14 days next week. As such I’ve been having a weird life. Didn’t Smart Went Crazy write that song “D(uke) C(ity) Will Do That To You” about this? I haven’t been playing nice with the bloggesphere or whatever you call it where all this stuff happens, you know, where I am supposedly supposed to tell you about music. To top it all off, not even sure when my next Error Vizion post is gonna happen. I think New Mexico melted my brain. It’s too sunny and hot to think about things. I kind of understand why there are no jobs in this state. Who the hell can work under these conditions?

So yea, sorry for the lack of attention here. I promise some more stuff will come up on this blog here soon. Or not. I can’t see into the future. Neither can you. Life is awesome. Listen to music. Make Love. Drink Coffee. Get a piercing, go here.


One thought on “Neglect

  1. As Fast Heart Mart would say “The heat doesn’t bother me it’s an excuse to move slow through this world” It’s the brightness that gets you, you gotta wear shades.

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