Mix Tape Volume #1 – Oh yea, it’s punk

So, I know this means very, very little to you, dear sweet reader, but I am changing the organization a bit here on the audio offerings of KYS. So, we don’t do podcasts anymore. These are mix tapes. I’m gonna try to make this whole thing a bit more robust too with more information on some of the bands etc. So welcome to Mix Tape Volume #1. It’s 26:50. Download it here.

1. Lions and Tigers and Whales – “Victories at Large” from their debut 7″. You can get this from Bandcamp or from the new label Cricket Cemetery . This band owns your life and I want to break the entire world when I hear this. Even though I am a much more pleasant, easy-going human being these days.

2. Weekend Nachos – “Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit” from their new Worthless  LP that is on Relapse. I’ve totally been psyched on this band a lot lately. Power violence madness. You can’t get better than this band.

3. Career Suicide – “Double Life” from their Cherry Beach 7″ reissue. I think a dude from Fucked Up is in this band and all the OG punks are into this band. It’s pretty awesome.

4. Word Salad – “Sex=Death” from their Death March LP that’s on Prank. Albuquerque Tattoo Artist Leo Gonzales was in this awesome crusty-grindy band from Albuquerque a few years ago. He sings, very passionately, while giving tattoos. It’s a little scary and a lot awesome.

5. No Age – “Boy Void” from Weirdo Rippers. If you don’t know, then never mind.

6. Iron Lung – “Unattended Funeral” from Sexless/No Sex. I like this stuff.

7. Marion Barry – “Krunk Muffins” from Black Power Violence. This band is funny. Their guitar player looks like he should be in Mars Volta. He also looks like he smokes more weed than the Mars Volta. This band is funny. They play pseudo grind core.

8. Gay Kiss – “Rant” from Dumpster Rules. Phoenix is a fucked up city, but they have some awesome punk kids and this band totally owned. I want more from this awesome and amazing band. Seriously. Like right now.

9. Light the Fuse and Run – “I Think They Try” from All Your Base Are Belong to Us. Old Richmond hardcore that never really got their due.

10. Libyans – “Empire” from A Common Place. Girls to the front of the band! Awesome stuff. I just like it. Go find it.

11. Fell Types –  “Gutted” from their demo. This is a low-fi recording of this 90’s indie pop influenced band. My man Carni is in this band. Carni is awesome. I love that dude.

12. Ruined Tongue – “Summer Gorillas” from All of My Bad Habits. Try to keep up with me here, okay. The opening for this track is sick. This song owns.

13. Cut the Shit – “Crooked Teeth” from Bored to Death. This band basically makes fast, dirty punk rock. Also, they are called CUT THE SHIT.

14. Leather – “Novitiate” from the Sterile 7″. This is on Jade Tree, which is really weird. It’s like if Joy Division stayed a hardcore band. It’s also kinda low-fi for Jade Tree, who aren’t really putting out that many records these days. Which is sad.

15. Extortion – “Vomit” from Sick. Nolan told me to get this. So I did. It’s all good.

16. Wymyns Prison – “Mom’s on Myspace” from Tres Hombres. Once again you can blame Nolan. He gave me a copy of this. It’s dirty garage influenced punk that’s recorded all loud and shit.

17. Wymyns Prison – “Mom’s on Facebook” from Tres Hombres. Part two. Shut up and like it.

18. Moutheater – “Swallowed Whole” from Ornament. If you like Jesus Lizard, Karp, or other sludgey, loudy, punky, angry music, then good for you. You will also like Moutheater.


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