4:05 is all it took for me.

Dear Mr. Tyler the Creator,

Please, stop your rap career. Look, part of me is glad you came along. Because you are one more brick in a shit road full of misogynistic, violent, homophobic rappers. And while you may have some talent as a producer and MC, the fact that so much media, run by hip assholes in hip asshole cities like Chicago and New York are falling all over you and not taking you to task for this fucking nonsense, just makes me hate them even more. It drives me to be a pebble in opposition to so much acceptance of harmful “art”.

I am tired of listening to the hip hop nation, filled with young men like yourself, white, black, brown, or whatever “color” were putting on skin pigment, repeatedly talk about women as objects of violence and using the word “faggot” as a term of defamation. Why these same young, mostly white, hipster dick fucks continue to fall over the likes of you and Kid Cudi and Kanye and Jay Z and whatever other awful shit they call rap and hip hop today while not being horrified that this continual violence occurs is beyond me. Maybe they are afraid of being called racists. Maybe they are racists and have guilt and want to give a pass to people they think will give them shit. Fuck that. The color of my skin, your skin or anyone else fucking skin does not excuse this oppression. It perpetuates and encourages and promotes a hatred against other human beings. And I am firmly against violence and hate. But that’s just me. I guess I am an asshole that way.

So yea, yr in the hot seat now. People want a piece of you, to prop you up and tell you what a genius you are. I made it 4:05 into your official, mainstream, debut album (that I STOLE OFF THE INTERNET) and frankly, the word faggot made me realize, you are not worth the zeros and ones being given to you on the world-wide web.

Stop, now, please. I am literally begging you. Because if I have to hear one more song about a woman being violated or sexualized or disregarded as something less than, or read a title of a song like “Bitch Suck Dick”, or hear someone call someone else a faggot with malice, spite and hatred one more time, I’m gonna start voting Republican. And I don’t want to vote. The Democrats already do enough evil shit against the poor and women and minorities in this country, but you kids are gonna drive me to it. Because fuck, if this is all you can do with your freedom of expression, with your outlets to creativity that you are privileged to have (and you are privileged, don’t be mistaken) then quite frankly, I’m against you.

Thank You for your time and consideration and ultimate decision to not be a hateful, vile piece of shit.

Signed by the Korrupt Yr Self Office for the Eradication of Horrible Shit like Homophobia, Sexism, Misogynistic Bullshit, Racism and Bigotry.


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