Lions and Tigers and Whales are upon us

Lions and Tigers and Whales (L&T&W)
S/T 7″/Split with State Violence
Band Camp (digital)/Cricket Cemetery (vinyl)

Before I left DC, like last summer, I went to this show in this tiny basement in some part of DC I’d never been in before. The basement was small. I think it was July or some bullshit like that. It was really hot. It was miserably hot. And it was a punk show, in a punk house, underground ,where there were no fans and scant amount of ventilation. It was the perfect back drop for my introduction to Lions&Tigers&Whales (L&T&W). This band was so goddamage loud. My brain was pummeled hopelessly into submission with this unrelenting, sonic noise. The singer was like nine feet tall. The guitar player sounded like his guitar was being broadcast from Mars and the rhythm section just pounded on their instruments in this unforgivable, furious aggression. I felt like humanity had left my skin and bones.

A few weeks later, I was talking to my friend Denman (the guy who runs error-vizion, that new blog I write for) about this band, and he was told me he recorded them at Inner Ear. Basically, he said they were the next and final great band from Washington DC and every other band was a bunch of pussies, or at least that’s what we agreed was going on with L&T&W. To be fair, they were in line with a new wave of angry, less polished and perfected brand of music coming out in DC that summer. Body Cop was sickly spewing noise sludge about the city and The Gift was getting the magic circle of despair gathered up. This was the year in DC for music to stop giving a fuck about being more innovative and just letting loose all the frustration that comes with living amongst citizen spooks and their fucked up kids.

Once I got to Albuquerque, L&T&W had released the debut 7″ that came from those recordings that Denman captured on film (skip below to see the voodoo magic if you don’t want to read this anymore). I didn’t get it because I am poor. But as it turns out label honcho Ian Thompson, who started Cricket Cemetery also writes for error-vizion (this is incestuous, fuck off, I cross promote now) posted up a link to the L&T&W bandcamp page. I hooked the tracks. The shit is intense.

I’ve gotten psyched on Clockcleaner, Twin Stumps, Slices and Pissed Jeans, but L&T&W makes those groups look like a bunch of sad, resigned clowns. And I’m not saying that lightly. I don’t like doing the compare and contrast where I rag on a bunch of bands that I think are awesome, but L&T&W have uped the bar in the loud, feedback laden, angry, falling apart post hardcore made by dirty, tattooed, fucked up looking dudes. It’s hopeless music for a middle class of working people who will grind and give their body and bones and souls just to get by in this feeding frenzy life run by clean cut, psychotic assholes. I don’t have a lyric sheet. I don’t know what the fuck there saying. It’s only 9:42 second of music over five songs, most of which just pummel through the sludge that so many other bands wallow in. But L&T&W have no patience. They just go for the jugular.

So don’t be such a frightened little shit, hop over to the digital or the physical links and get this stuff. I recommend the physical personally, even though I don’t own them, because these are gonna be some highly sought after records shortly here. Also, one of them is a split with State Violence from DC who I haven’t heard, but it’s a bunch of dudes from like Lotus Fucker and Deathrats and that crowd, so it’s gonna be awesome. Don’t screw this up. Yr a hipster nerd anyway. You like records.

Lions & Tigers & Whales recording at Inner Ear from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.


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