I Write for Error Vizion Now Too.

Hey kids, I have a pretty awesome announcement. Starting today, Monday, May 9th I will be writing for Error Vizion. This is a blog started by my awesome friend Denman Anderson (dude, I need photos so I can post that interview I did) from back in DC. Before I left we met and he started talking about wanting to do  his own thing with some of his friends and people whose work he likes. Denman works his ass off for music. He’s written for True Genius Requires Insanity and did video interviews on All Our Noise. I’m pretty sure he did something for another blog too, but I can’t ever keep up with Denman. Anyway, we have some awesome people that I have met and not yet met on board and it’s gonna be rad. If you are in DC, you should try to go to one of Denman and Sean’s DJ nights. They played fucked up music by depressed people. It’s called Cold Wave I think. I don’t know. Denman’s all over the place. He looks evil, but he’s one of the nicest people I know.

So yea, what this means for KYS. Well, I’m still going to post here, with the same not so regular schedule that you have become accustomed to. But every Monday I plan on having something up on Error Vizion. So, yea, I’ll still be writing here and stuff. Issue Six is almost ready. Still need a photocopier. ABQ is failing me on that one at the moment. Also, I am in the beginning stages of issue #7 with a trip to Demming, NM real soon. #7 is gonna be my biggest issue yet with (I hope) lots of promo and cool events to go along with it. I’m also planning a new, off shoot zine as a split zine with a friend of mine. More on that soon.

So yea, check into Error Vizion everyday for more time wasting, but good writing and stuff on music, fashion, culture and whatever else we put up.


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