Stupid, Mindless Shit I Like that A Lot of Other People Like

So, the other day, a certain someone who will remain unnamed (Justin) (I only name him in my blog he got fake upset that I mentioned my friend Ari by name in my blog and not him, so now I name him all the time) accused me of hating on all this popular stuff that other people like. He made a point that Glee is just mindless and harmless entertainment and being all agro about it is pretty stupid. And he has a point. Except, unfortunately, I made my statements on the internet. The internet is where mostly intelligent people dumb themselves down into fits of dumb rage. Hating on Glee is kinda like what I am supposed to do here. (It really does piss me off and upset me).

But, there are some popular works of art and entertainment that I DO like, even though I know it’s poor craft or, sometimes in spite of the lack of talent present in the work. Here are some of those things:

House M.D. which airs on the worthless Fox Network. Now, this show is so predictable in it’s sub-plot, which is now the medical diagnosis, that it can literally be timed to the minute when the riddle is solved. But that’s not why I like it. Hugh Laurie is why I like it. If I was a male dude into male dudes I am certain I would have deeply disturbing sexual fantasies about Hugh Laurie. Also, he’s British and we all know that British people are just more funny than American’s naturally. This is proven by Douglas Adams, Dr. Who, Skins, Steven Fry (who was in TWO shows with Hugh Laurie that I need to catch up on), Eddie Izzard and Ricky Gervais. Also, Olivia Stone is really hot. Plus they have an Australian dude on there who has a really sexy voice. I have a thing for accents and good looking women and Hugh Laurie. The other actors hold their own, have developed personalities and quirks and once I got to see Lisa E side butt. The show is increasingly getting dumber and dumber and thinner and thinner, but I don’t care, I still love it.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were one of my favorite and continue to be one of my most beloved bands of all times. According to their wiki, they have like 7 Grammy Awards and have sold 60 million records. They are about as far away from the punk rock paradigm that I like to pretend is so much more awesome and precious than the mainstream. The thing is, if it wasn’t for them being on some dumb TV show when I was ten acting like idiots and having skirts and mohawks on, I don’t know when I would have realized how different and how much of a dork I was. Also, I wouldn’t have known that other people who didn’t feel normal existed. I legitimately think that as musicians, they can’t be beat and have wrote some great, great songs. The Los Angeles machismo of the early days seems to have faded through grace and age, which is a beautiful thing and maybe Anthony Keidis, who can’t sing or consistently write good lyrics (though “Lovely Man” is one of the most beautiful songs about loss ever written, and he does have his moments) is finally done with Heroin. They lost John again, which makes me sad, but they got his young prodigy Josh Killinghoffer, so things may be alright. To show my devotion, I actually own One Hot Minute the drug fueled, bad music and lyrics they did with Dave Navarro at the beginning of his goth-diva phase that I hope has ended.

I consistently watch Bones, but mostly because I like to make fun of it. I’m not sure if this counts or not as watching and liking something popular. I don’t hate this shows existence, but it has weak plot lines and bad characters. Either way, its in regular rotation at my house.

Harry Potter is one of my weird, not that great crutches. Now look, I think the books are okay. They are decent enough to serve the public of young kids and I think that JK wrote a lasting series that kids will be able to turn to and read. That’s awesome. But clearly she wasn’t making this stuff for adults. It’s thick with unnecessary plot, ripe with bad writing and generally a story about kids over coming things that go bump in the night masked in a mutilated sociopath called Lord Voldemort. But I have read all the books and seen all the movies. And come July 2011 I will be in line on opening night to see the last installment. The movies are getting worse and worse as films, being made to cash in. I know, because I own all of them on DVD and while I was sick I had a marathon. After the third one, their really just cramming and losing all the nuance. II have no idea, plot wise how they are gonna pull off this last installment since they left a few significant details out of Part 1. But you know, I don’t make movies for Hollywood. If I did, they’d be a lot more fucked up and no one would watch movies, except people that go to art houses. And that already happens.

So here are three examples of hugely popular things that a lot of people like that I also like. I am sure that the masses who embrace this entertainment overlap into the Glee watching, Lady GaGa listening, Twilight reading group that makes me want to find a unicorn and snap off it’s horn and then impale myself on it, thus ruining something mythical and beautiful and ending my life in this fucked up society we live in. I guess my point is, not all bad entertainment is damaging. It serves as a fantasy we all use to step out side of reality so we don’t get too depressed and miserable and crazy and start killing each other in the streets. It’s just that some of it I find far more damaging, poor and offensive then others (see Glee, Lady Gaga and Twilight). If you want to say something with your art and entertainment I think it’s important to do it with purpose (in Lady Gaga’s defense I think she is making an effort at this, I just don’t particularly find her all that interesting), with craft and with care. It’s important to reach beyond the easy plot lines and easy characters and create something with a deeper understanding of the human condition. Either that, or don’t bother with the agenda. I think I would like Glee if it was just normal kids behaving normally, portrayed by people who look like teenagers not being auto-tuned. I own Rent, I like Rocky Horror, musicals are awesome. I mean, they have music in them, why wouldn’t I like them? But if I have to see one more over-emotional teenager, acting like a total fucking idiot, I’m gonna cut my wrists.

Also, if someone could teach me how to make footnotes on the wordpress of if wordpress could hook that feature up, that would be awesome. I’m getting tired of my ironic, overuse of the parenthesis.


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