Just Some News and Updates

I am, slowly, getting over whatever deep hell infection has overtaken my body for like the last ten days. I still haven’t left my apartment and spent most of Sunday working on the KYS universe. As you may have noticed, we have a new layout. I think it highlights some of the other aspects of Korrupt Yrself Entertainment that people may have been missing. So you know, buy some zines, buy some art, read some ideology.

The other thing you will notice to the side is a drop down box where you can look at all the different types of content. It’s now also easier to search podcast episodes too. So if you need some new music or just want to hear my voice from back when i used to talk on podcasts, you can just select podcasts. You can find the few interviews easier. Etc. Etc. Here is a link to the podcasts. Get into it.

The biggest news is that Issue #6 of the zine was also laid out this weekend. In honor of that, I figured out I could put PDF’s of the old issues up on archive.org. So currently, issues 3-5 are available for download as PDF’s. There is a button up top you can click. I will announce when new issues are available. The first two issues might be a while because those I have to actually scan.

Issue 6 needs to be laid out by hand and then I need to find someone with access to a photocopier (greater Albuquerque, holler at me if you have an office job and after hours/weekend access). Once I have physical copies, issue 6 will be available for download. They look great on the Nook Color. Let me know how they work on your eReaders and Tablets and stuff. Definitely looking for feedback.

Doing PDF versions of the zine has been something I wanted to do from the start. I wanted people to have instant access in digital form as a way to cut down on paper. I will continue to do paper zines for the foreseeable future. I like the analog version, but I thought this option was a way to show that we can have our own digital publishing and we still don’t have to rely on corporations to tell us what to put on our devices.

Anyway, thanks for the support. I’m psyched that KYS has lasted this long and been this consistent with output. I really love the hell out of doing this. Take care.


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