Episode 23 – The Department of Short Attention Spans

This is the shortest episode of KYS Podcast Magic. It’s a grand 18:28 seconds. It can be found here.

Deceased Occupation – Wormrot
Grock – Gone to Coratoan
What’s Gone Wrong – Limp Wrist
Rations for Victory – Rations
Keep Out – Coke Bust
12 – Disciples of Chirst
High Country – Diet Cokeheads
The Snake that Eat’s It’s Own Tail – Lotus Fucker
Manic in the Grips – Trap Them
Ingerity – Token Entry
Bullshit Life – Vile Gash
Licking Evil – Lion of Judah
My Hands Are Cold – Throats
Deep – Sabertooth Zombie
Waste – SQRM