Unemployment Music

For Victory
Self Released (Available on Bandcamp)

Getting back to listening to music and having internet has brought me an onslaught of internetings in which I was reading reviews and thus downloading a few things. Wow, that’s a run on sentence. Not my best. It’s not really a wonder that the government is regulating pseudoephedrine.

Anyway, some bands get hype because they are from older bands that broke up. Some get hype because they have resourceful friends that give a shit about them. Some get hype because they are good. Rations is a blend of all three of these things. Hailing from the soil lands of Long Islands (seriously, who knew the LI would have an awesome punk scene), this quartet is dirty and gritty and grundgey as all hell. This short, ten song romp is low fi as hell. It sounds like it was recorded in a basement on a four track. The band is reminiscent of Avail, Born Against, and other, more modern pop-punk elements. Surely inspired by their friends in the scene, but not trying to be pretty. This is some people, just trying to be a band on the time and budget they have.

The Haverchucks
Self Released.

Quite frankly, I can’t believe it’s taken snotty pop-punkers to take this long to name a band after Freaks and Geeks hero Bill Haverchuck. The gangly, awkward, geek was pretty much the epitome of a punk yo be. Just once listen to the Ramones and he would have been hard moshing with all the other dorks. Anyway, a bunch of dudes from Richmond started a band called the Haverchucks. Pop-punk is saved on the name alone.

I’m not gonna placate you here and tell you that you absolutely need to own this band. You’ve heard the Ramones, you’ve heard the Queers, you’ve heard Mr. T Experience. You know the Lookout Records catalog by heart. So do these guys. They know it well. They’ve got the whoa-oh-oh’s in all the songs, the gruff lead vocalist, the fast paced power chords, the drums, the bass that follows along. Yup, pop-punk band. They haven’t gotten bloated and old yet and so know that short songs, to the point are the only way you can do this music. It’s not going to change your life, but the 15 year old Haverchuck in you will enjoy your eight minutes with them.