Vacation Break for the Explicit Promotion of my Friends.

On Thursday night I get to see my two favorite bands. They also happen to be made up of friends of mine. Pygmy Lush and des_ark get a lot of love on this blog and in real life from me. I played my very first show at a teen-post type venue with all of the guys in Pygmy Lush and have been in awe of those dudes since then. I met Aimee (who has one of those cool little things over one of the e’s that I don’t know how to do on a keyboard because I am keyboard illiterate) about 12 years ago. Her music is beyond what words like chilling, haunting, beauty, tearful, sad, outraged and such can describe. Both bands have new music out now.

Pygmy Lush just unleashed this 7″ and it’s amazing. It’s also a tease as to what I know their new album, Old Friends, is going to be. Allegedly they have copies on tour and in just a few hours I will have it in my fat, vienna-sausage like hands. Either way, the Pygmy Lush boys are talented as fuck and they make some of the most clear, haunting, truly amazing songs I have ever heard. Seeing them in December, before I left Virginia was a bittersweet moment, because I got to watch greatness unfold through the loving hands and trust of five life long friends. I think that’s such an important aspect of what this band is about. Their camaraderie speaks to how they play music, how the songs are formed and shows the kind of kinship that is so rare in this disconnected world.

Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker will kill your mind. It grows and grows and grows over each listen. One of these days I might be able to actually unpack my emotions on the subject and actually write an articulate blog post about what her music means to me, this album specifically, both because the songs are amazing, the storytelling is awesome and I got to be a direct part of that. I gush over the fact, still, to this day, that Aimee asked me to shoot the cover of this album. I will probably mention that on this blog about a million times because no matter what else I do with my art and photography, this will always be very special to me. Aimee is a god damn power house of a musician and one of the funniest people I know. Also her smile is full of all things that are good about life.

These people inspire me. They make me want to be a better person, a more reliable human being. Their music helps my troubled soul, but having the distinct pleasure of spending time with these people enriches and enlightens my life. Do your self a favor, click on those links, buy that music, get your entire head re-calibrated and take the next steps of your life with a renewed passion, vigor and outlook. You will thank me for it. I swear.


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