Episode 22 – Aparently I Hate You Mixtape

So, dear reader, apparently I hate you. Between Viking Metal, NC Stoner Rock, Nordic Black Metal and whatever Sexdrome is, I put some hip-hop, some Mike Watt and my favorite new summer jam that came out in the winter. So this is pretty much a really weird mix. Plus it’s under 29 Minutes. Not even good enough for a Nor-East commute. I aim to unsatisfy. Enjoy it here.

Fossegrim – Kvelertak from S/T
Mancoon – Weedeater from Jason…The Dragon
Black Hole – Zoroaster – from Matador
Mouse-Headed-Man – Mike Watt from Hyphenated Man
Hiking Metal Punks – Darkthorne from Dark Thrones and Black Flags
The One Man Band Broke Up – Ceschi from The One Man Band Broke Up
Granite – Gull from The Bedoin Lover Demo
Still Sound – Toro Y Moi from Underneath the Pine
No One To Blame – Cheap Girls from Find Me A Drink Home
Two – Sexdrome from Grown Younger
Daily Dose – Cardiac Arrest from Life is a Dead End
If I Had A Gun – Dead Milkmen from Soul Rotation


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