I am Peter Pan

I’m having a bad day today. I don’t have any particular hold on why I am having a bad day today. Nothing too terrible happened. I think it’s because my car is making this terrible grinding noise and I know it’s going to be both very expensive and even more of a hassle to fix then it use to be. Facing what will be a large amount of money being taken from my bank account while not having any steady income makes me very stressed out.

I’ve been living a Peter Pan like life for the last few months. It’s been pretty good in most ways, especially on the days that I am productive. Some days, it’s really awesome. Yesterday, I was hanging out with my new friend Ari. We were trying to make a left turn across traffic and we were sitting, seemingly endlessly, while cars and busses and pedestrians prevented us from making a safe turn. Across the way I spotted, in great big giant letters, INDOOR GO-KARTING. Instead of making the left, we went indoor go-kart racing. It was awesome. Seriously, I never did anything like that in my entire life. My face hurt, my arms shook, I pulled some awesome Tokyo-Drift type moves. I was pretty awesome at it. I didn’t come in first or anything. Totally middle of the road. It was awesome. Did I mention that already? I suggest you play hooky from work right now, find your local go-kart track and get a shaking, adrenaline rush.

Today is not one of those Peter Pan Days. Sure, I have purple hair. Sure I have a sitting for my tattoo that is ill-advised both in aesthetics and in what it’s doing to my bank statements, and yes, I am watching Metalacolypse. So you know, I got that going for me. On that subject really quick, I am watching a Christmas episode. It’s always weird watching holiday themed shows, but it’s especially so when it’s 70 degrees outside, sunny and you are surrounded by desert. But yea, today is one of those days where my anxiety is pissing me off. It shouldn’t be. I met Mike Watt last night. I am seeing Weedeater and Nordic metal tonight. I have an awesome racing hoody I got to keep for free. I’m just bummed out a the moment I guess.

So, here are some things that are fun:

I met this lady last night. She plays in Jenny Invert. She was very excited, very drunk and getting ready to go on a very interesting adventure. She insisted on taking a picture with me so that we could remember meeting each other. I am not bound to forget. There was something so kind about this lady, her name escapes me and Jenny Invert internet sign posts are not hooking me up with the information. Regardless, I find this photo oddly comforting and it’s making me feel better for reasons I can’t explain.

This is a pile of CD’s that is meant to indicate how fricking messy my apartment is. I need to organize, and I think once I am done doing whatever it is I am attempting to do with this blog post I will organize more of these CD’s. If I get that done I can find a book shelf. Once I get that done I can unpack my two boxes of books. And then I will have more storage space. It would be nice if I could get this all done by the time my mom gets here, especially since by then, I need to figure out if I am staying in this apartment, in Albuquerque or what the hell I am doing. You know, I never did get that call back from Breaking Bad for that new awesome character. Oh yea, I was an extra on Breaking Bad.

I have purple hair. Did I mention that? I am pretty sure I did. (This is an awful blog post. You are supposed to be getting another show review, but I really need to just have a head vomit and you are the ones that have to suffer. Welcome to the internet.) But yea, I was having a Ramona Flowers moment of a desire for breaking free, running away and being in a state of perpetual impetuousness. So I bleached and dyed my hair purple. I need adult supervision. I’m probably going to write a song called “Feeling Ramona Flowers”. Because at least for the last few weeks, in my half totally awesome, half totally anxious, half totally free life, I’ve been felling Ramona Flowers. From the movie, not really the comic book. I know, blasphemy.

I stumbled on the fact that the best movie x3 is now out on DVD. I know, I shouldn’t spend my money and that I could have just ripped this off from a torrent. But I haven’t bought a DVD in over two years and frankly, Jackass speaks directly to my heart. It has for the last ten years. It personifies everything that is right and true and correct in our culture and rejects all that is wrong and evil and terrible. Plus this is in 3-D and it came with stupid, oldskool 3-d glasses. I haven’t checked that out yet. I’m a little afraid. Also, the extras suck ass. But you know, Jackass 3.5 is coming soon. Hopefully I am not totally cash strapped by then.

I’m looking forward to this stuff, Weedeater tonight. Camping this weekend. Playing Bass. Getting a tattoo. Getting stuff in the mail. Apparently I have some photos in the new Maximum Rock and Roll too. Check it out if you can find it. No record stores around here carry it but I think Dozer is sending me one. It’s pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “I am Peter Pan

  1. Hey! Came across this completely randomly while listening to music from Jenny Invert, but the girl in the top pictures name is Aliza Gerstein(?) Not sure how to spell her last name, and I actually don’t know her personally at all (make me feel kinda creepy, but hey, whatever haha)! But she and I have many mutual friends, and she is from my town. She’s gorgeous and always seemed like a nice person! But yes, since you were inquiring and I happened to know, I thought I would answer it for you if you haven’t already found out 🙂

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