King Of Limbs, Second Impression

Recording BP in Ian M's house. Basla's exquisite minimalist bass playing, monome, black tea, windows open, bliss. This is a picture of Basla Andulson. It was taken by Chad Clark from Beauty Pill. They are perpetually working on new music and have been for like ever (editors note, Chad Clark almost died a few years ago). Basla is playing a bass and there is a Monome. A monome is a strange and mysterious device that you plug into a computer and make sounds with it. Somehow. These light up controllers are a bit mysterious to me despite owning some Akai gear.

This image, that I stole from Chad’s twitter feed (sorry Chad but I am using it to make a point, a point against Radiohead, one I am sure you won’t agree with making this theft doubly egregious) shows the marrying of classic music making with advancements in technology. It’s what I think Radiohead has in mind, but somehow failed at.

I tried, again, very hard to listen to this album. I went to the gym in my apartment complex and decided I was going to give this album my full attention. It was the best time, no other distractions in my brain, nothing to train my ADD addled brain away from the sounds. I made it half way through “Lotus Flower” before I just gave up. Bottom line, I just do not like this music at all.

Firstly, the beats. There manufactured, repetitive, wanna be hip-hop stuff. But instead of like EL-P killing it, its Thom Yorke complaining. This time, in my headphones I found the guitar, but it’s muted and stale and boring. There is no life to it and sometimes, literally it’s palm muted. It’s so off-center in the mix and underneath these soulless beats that it’s useless to be there.

And we mentioned low-end. I still didn’t find any new, riveting bass lines. I did find some deep, shitty, resonant, crunk type bullshit that forced me to turn down the volume, lower and lower until I couldn’t hear anything but the aforementioned beats and vocalizing by Mr. Yorke.

Look, I realize this band works hard, that they want to push the envelope and fuck with the expectations of the listener. I realize that they hate the process, the industry and probably dudes like me, spouting off from the hip about shit they no doubt spent late nights twitching over while wives, kids and lovers tossed and turned in their Oxford beds. But the establishment put’s so much emphasis on that this band does and frankly, I’m fucking sick of it. Radiohead is allowed to suck, and they suck big time on King of Limbs. In fact, the only good thing they did on this album is make it only eight songs. Eight miserably boring, uninspired, low-key, weirdo songs.

Where the fuck is the Flea influence, Thom? Where is the grand orchestration there Johnny? Where the fuck are Ed, Colin and Phil. I hate the programing, the pansy ass guitars, the low tones that erupt my ear drum now and then. I really don’t like being bored, but there is nothing to grab my attention span. Nothing in the depths to sink my teeth into. I tried, I really tried. I gave this album more attention than I have given any album I have listened to in years. I hate it.


One thought on “King Of Limbs, Second Impression

  1. Therein lies the source of your dissatisfaction. This album only works as background music. If you put it on and let it play without actively listening, it works. It doesn’t rock, but it works. It is what it is, and it isn’t a rock album.


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