Busdriver Blew Up Albuquerque

Look, it’s late and I just got back from this show. Yr getting this post about this show because I’ve been really lazy writing content for this here blog thing you’ve all come to know and love. I think it shows. My rant on Katy Perry’s Tits was pretty weak for a college graduate whose focus in the Arts of English was primarily on the fucked up things our culture does. Speaking of which, Busdriver is from another planet all together. Whatever high-wave frequency he is receiving, he is spitting out with equal force. He’s a one man jugular gymnast with a penchant for tweaking out on some Roland Machines that make me wish I knew how to use this awesome, but mystical MPC500 that I recently purchased. The thing lays next to my elbow, taunting me every time I type this nonsense on the fricking internet.

So yea, Underground Hip Hop is amazing. As the photos will attest, this show was intimate beyond measure. I mean, punk/diy on the floor shows are always available for close contact, but when the performer has a microphone, a pedestal for his machines and himself with no instrument to keep one at bay, it gets crazy. Also, kids are cuddly in Albuquerque. Personal space is not totally an issue all the time, so I’ve noticed so far. Maybe it’s because it’s a scaled down city that everything else is scaled down as well. Though I did go to a warehouse show over the weekend that I failed to bring my camera to or had enough interest to really write about the bands. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yea, Busdriver, he’s this dude from Los Angles. When he was waking around the venue he looked more like a professor than a rap artist. I can’t really describe his music, dude has a motormouth on him, the words he spits are indecipherable most of the time and he’s a loose cannon.

Some other dudes also played. This duo called Dark Time Sunshine came on and they made heads turn like crazy. Zavala was the guy turning all the nobs, playing with the laptop and hitting the pads on the MPC1000. He knew what he was doing and though the sound was unbalanced, it still rattled the small amounts of connections left in my brains. The guy on the mic, his name is Onry Ozzborn. Apparently he’s in Grayskull and has a new solo album that just came out called Hold on For Dear Life. They were pretty sick and got the crowd way hyped.

Ceschi is a one man killing machine. I was a bit scared when he pulled out the acoustic guitar. I totally had some Everlast flashbacks, but it was all okay. He was actually pretty good with that guitar/rap style but mostly he played to backing tracks on his Mac. Yea, I wish I had more to say, but I am tired, my cats are acting up and that’s freaking me out because one of my neighbors keeps complaining about noise and even though I put some padding down, some how, these idiots are still loud. Anyone want two cats? Fuck man. I can’t deal with this bullshit. I’m trying to chill, do my thing and be a quiet neighbor and these assholes are messing up my shit. It’s not right. They never acted like this before either. Are there like kitty kat downers or something I can give them? I hate living in an apartment.

Anyway, that’s about it. Some local dudes also played. They were okay, but they need to get their shit together and realize that an iPod is a poor man’s excuse for a backing track. I mean, the damn laptops in hip-hop are bad enough, but at least they usually carry decent sound cards. That’s just my thing though. It was all good. I enjoyed it. Now I have to get some sleep. Later Albuquerque and the rest of the world.

You can see more photos from the show at my flickr page here, or two the right of the screen there pops.


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