Episode 20 – The Dawn of the Mixtape

Welcome back to another episode of the KYS podcast mixtape. This week, instead of just giving you a list of shit, I am gonna write about why I selected the song you will hear. Enjoy. Remember, there is no talking from me to create a more pleasant experience.

1. Sea Dragon – Scared of Chaka – from Masonic Youth on eMpTy Records (now deceased). So Scared of Chaka is like the second biggest band to emerge from New Mexico. The biggest is the Shins. But Scared of Chaka was better. Since I live in this city now, it’s only appropriate I played this for you. eMpTy Records stopped putting out releases in 2008 and has this listed as out of print. I got it from the web  cuz I suck at the moment.

2. Number Two – Twig Harper and Daniel Higgs from Clairaudience Fellowship on Thrill Jokey. Daniel Higgs makes weird fucking music these days. This track is just a very cool, meditative jam from one of Dan’s most recent collaborations with Baltimore fellow Twig Harper. Thrill Jokey is pulling no punches releasing shit loads of Higgs projects.

3. Symbiosis – Lungfish – unreleased track. I was having a crisis of faith this week in the snow. It’s cold as fuck. I started on a Dan Higgs kick that you get to endure. I found this song on a blog. I forget where or I would link to it. I also found a bunch of live shows and the 10 East 7″ which has been out of print forever. Dischord needs to re-cut that fucker like now. And release the god damn vaults of Lungfish music yr sitting on. Don’t let the bloggers win.

4. In Majestic Drag – The Skull Defekts – from Peer Amid on Thrill Jockey. So Higgs sang for this Swedish art core group. It’s pretty rocking shit and Higgs as a rock type singer again is a blessing in the world. Though I would rather him and the Fish return, this album is fucking sick. I don’t  think it’s technically out yet, but a friend of mine obtained it in advance and sent me a copy of it. When I get a job I will spend the $17 bucks for it on vinyl. I’m sure Dischord will get it soon too. This album is so damn good though.

5. Live Blogging the Loss of My Virginity – Shat Shorts – from the album Seersucker and Sundresses. You can get this album for free at their bandcamp page. It’s worth checking out. This band is from DC and they sound like they kinda are upset about shit. I never heard them when I lived there and don’t know anything about  them. But this EP is good. I just got it last night. DC is growing up.

6. When Nice People Think Dumb Things, Attack and Vote – Armalite – from their S/T  album on No Idea records. This band has a lot of cool dudes in it. I like this song a lot because it encompasses all the best elements of all the cool dudes previous bands and makes it sound good together. This whole album is pretty good. No Idea are wonderful people.

7. Holy Liquor, Healing Blood – Meditative Sect from their album Lacerations Points available here for free download courtesy of Magic Bullet Records. This is a bit of ambient guitar sounds from Brett Eyestone and some of his friends. Brett does a lot of stuff like this. I like his label a lot, but for some reason I am lazy about getting releases from him. He’s  on par with Plan-It-X in terms of how he operates and what he puts out. Though I can’t get into All American Rejects. But that’s his deal and he does what he wants and I respect the fuck out of him for it.

8. This Potion Knows No Other Man – Mass Movement of the Moth from their split with Sing! Sing! Prison. I grabbed this gem from the new Maximum Documentation site that Mass Movement of the Moth just put up. This song is pretty different for the Moth. I like it a lot. I never heard it before, I don’t think they were playing it much by the time I found out about them and I never did get a copy of this 7″ at the time because I am lame. Now I can feel less lame. Thanks Mmmm Brains!

9. Nephicide – Jogger from This Great Pleasure. I saw a video for this song of Pitchfork and I really liked the video and the song. It’s all Black Metal like and stuff. I was hoping the rest of this album would be like this song. But it’s not and that kinda bums me out. It’s good I guess, but I liked this song a lot. The video is awesome too. Kids dressed in corpse paint terrorizing suburbia. I guess this is making fun of Black Metal? I don’t know. I am kinda of with it, but kinda not. Either way though, this song is really good.

10. Power Spirit – Children from Hard Times Hanging At the End of the World. This is another band I actually caught wind of through Pitchfork (god I am a shameful prick) but I liked their funny video too. Listening to Jogger reminded me of Children. This album is pretty good. It needs bass though, but it’s still some rocking jams.

11. Children’s Story – Tom Waits from Orphans:Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards (disc 3). This is just a funny little story from Tom, dude. It’s just there to make this mixtape even more fucked up then it already is. Tom is the man. Fuck Off.

12. Skinned – Raw Nerve from their Self Titled LP. Here I am, supporting and promoting blog darlings Youth Attack whose albums you can never buy anywhere unless you pay some asshole on eBay a shit ton of money. I don’t condone this shit at all so steal the fuck out of this on a blog. Raw Nerve are severe man. They cripple the mind and hate the synapses. I wanted to piss you off so I put this epic jam on this sucker to end of the rock and roll nightmare you just endured. I really do hate you.



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