Deep Sleep – Turn Me Off

Deep Sleep
Turn Me Off
Grave Mistake Records

Alright, confession time. I’ve had a copy of this album for a few weeks now. Technically, this album isn’t really out yet. I mean, you can buy it now (which I did, seriously Alex, my order number is 6485) and when Alex gets back from tour with Government Warning (RIP) he will send that shit out. But I’ve been totally wanting to hear this album since I heard it was supposed to come out last year. For whatever reason Turn Me Off has been in perpetual delay, but my email says I successfully ordered a copy so I am stoked. Also, said delay was totally worth it because this album totally kicks in faces.

The thing about Deep Sleep that I think a lot of other blogger dorks fail to talk about is how hard this band is. This is even more true on Turn Me Off. Sure, they play some catchy songs with a lot of fast paced, kinda OCD type singing. I mean, it’s awesome punk rock, but Deep Sleep has gotten a bit of the heavies. But I mean, right from the beginning, they smack you in the face with “Live Forever”. The kick drum is deep and pounding, the bass is less noodly and providing a bit more depth and low end to their eighties skate punk sound. The next track, “Turn Me Off” has an awesome, dynamic guitar opening, one I wish this band would utilize a bit more. But never mind the slight refrain from me here, the band thrashes and gets their oohs and aahs in like any proficient student of SoCAL punk history.

And despite their love for all things Los Angles loser, Baltimore is not buried in this sound. There still is that east coast neurosis so ever prevalent in the songs of Deep Sleep. It’s kinda snotty and bratty too and still reminds me of The Pee Tanks, who weren’t from Baltimore, but the Maryland connection still stands in my heart. The whole album is only 13 minutes long, which of course makes really breaking it down difficult, but when they get all slick on “Slow Down” the bass/drum/vocals beat up about being crazy is the epitome of why I love punk and what this band does best. It’s straight out of the play books, but Deep Sleep performs like they wrote those books.

Turn Me Off would have been worth the wait, but my OCD impatience could not be contained. I am not proud I downloaded this album, but I just couldn’t wait. Punk Rock so rarely gets some straight up slick bands like this who wear their influences so mightily on their sleeves but pull it off with such conviction and confidence. Deep Sleep is the real deal, I make no bones about that plain statement, one that does not do this great band justice.


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