Episode 18 – Podcast About Nothing

HERE we are with Episode 18 – Podcast about nothing. Brought to you by the KYS Department of Getting Shit Done for the Sake of getting it done. There isn’t a lot to say. Next Podcast is gonna be more of a mixtape. I think I am gonna go that route until I come up with more interesting things to say. I would have recut this one, but I was sorta pressed to get something up for the day. This daily posting thing is getting hard. It’ll be easier later I guess. Thanks for checking it out. Peace.

Episode 18 – Podcast about Nothing

1.    Sleep Forever – The Gift – Mostly in Sickness out soon on Amor Y Lucha


2.    Southern Air – Capital – Givers/Takers – self released as a download
3.    Different Girls – Lemuria ¬– Pebble – on Bridge 9
4.    I Hate Summer – Fucked Up ¬-  Couple Tracks – Matador Records
5.    Iraq – Selfish Whales –  Enjoy The Weather – self released.
6.    My Gap Feels Weird – Superchunk – Majesty Shredding – Merge Records


7.    Forced to Breath Concrete – Mancake – We Will Destroy You – Art Monk Construction
8.    Everything in my Life is For Sale – Blacklisted – No One Deserves to Be Here More Than Me – Deathwish
9.    Malady Savy – Pygmy Lush ¬– Bitter River – Robotic Empire
10.     Rent-A-Cop – Shitstorm ¬– Magrudergrind/Shitstorm Split CD – Robotic Empire
11.    Green Sperm – Devour – Insect Circuitry – Head Count Records


12.    49 Words – Majority Rule – Emergency Numbers – Magic Bullet
13.    Brand New Love – Sebadoh – Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock – Sub Pop
14.    Alien Baby – Ultra Dolphins – Alien Baby – Exotic Fever
15.    Let the Bitches Die – Lightspeed Champion – Falling of the Lavender Bridge – Domino


16.    The Dilemma  – The Arrivals – Volatile Molatov – Recess Records


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