Records I am looking forward to this year

January is a shitty time for people who like music. Especially those who have crappy blogs about it. No one sends me promos. Everything I review is stuff I am into. Interview requests come slowly since you know, you aren’t gonna get a ton of press. Further, new records just don’t come out that often. I’m trying to bring content on a daily basis, but realized today, looking at my upcoming calendar, I don’t have much written for posting. So, I better come up with something for the kids to read day in and day out. So I’m gonna rely on the thing that music journalists and publishers have relied on for years, previews of albums supposedly coming out. This is what I am looking forward to in 2011.

Young Widows are releasing In and Out of Youth and Lightness this year and no doubt, its going to be epic. For this album, the Louisville trio recorded in a funeral parlor. Last time out, on Old Wounds the boys utilized board tapes of live shows done specifically to capture the sonic hugeness of this band. It worked wonders and they released one of the loudest, crisp sounding albums I have ever heard. They can do no wrong. Label mates Coliseum put out a great record on Temporary Residence last year and as you have read here, My Disco just unleashed some amazing shit with Little Joy. With an Explosions in the Sky album also set for this year Temporary Residence is set for a huge year. We can only hope they churn out a label tour in 2011 too that includes all four of the aforementioned bands, because at least this journalist needs an injection of excessive adrenaline to his ear holes.

Deep Sleep are a pop punk band from Baltimore, MD that I got into kind of late in the game. Last year I picked up their singles compilations Three Things At Once and was totally blown away. They get described as similar to The Descendants quite a bit, but I think they are far more gritty and tougher then the Descendants ever were. I listened to the first four tracks on this album up at the other day and it actually just depressed me because what I heard was so good and so much stronger than Three Things At Once which is kind of amazing, because I really like that comp quite a bit. This album has been in the makings from the fine dude who runs Grave Mistake records. By the time this thing gets posted, I may have even ordered it from them as it’s said to be available on January 25th. I hope so, cuz I am super hyped for this shit already.

Lovitt Records has two albums set for late winter/early spring that will blow your mind. I already know for a fact that des_ark’s Don’t Rock The Boat, Sink the Fucker is amazing because I already have it. I already have it because I took the cover photo for it last winter and I bugged Lovitt head honcho Brian Lowitt for an advanced copy. I think people in Europe had the option of getting it during her last tour. But anyway, it’s amazing. It gets better and better every time I listen to it. Even though it only has 8 songs, it’s epic as fuck and Aimee is a true genius. On the heels of that are Sterling, VA cowboys Pygmy Lush who are releasing their new album, Pals. Pals features Eric Kane for the first time on drums. Eric plays with Strike Anywhere, and from what I saw in December, his hard-hitting really did change the band quite a bit. They are now utilizing the power of their amazing songwriting skills, lyrical genius and rock destruction to blow minds. The Taylor bros and Widman and Johnny are in top form. This album is going to be epic, game changing type shit. I’m trying to get a show booked in Albuquerque on the tour these two juggernauts are playing together. Shit’s gonna be out of hand. Oh yea, Lovitt is also thinking about putting out a re-issue of And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea by Frodus, as well as new 7″ if they get recorded and the debut of Jason Hammacher’s new band Regents which also features dudes from Sleepy Time Trio.

Krallice, the American Black Metal Band has a new album Diotima coming out as well. Seems this band has been together for just over three years and this is their third album. They are scary and epic as all hell. Philadelphia’s Amateur Party has a new album out for download and soon on vinyl called Truncheons in the Manor. This band features dudes from Kill the Man Who Questions and Limp Wrist. They are pretty spectacular and you can stream this at punknews too. New 7″s are said to be on the way from DC’s under the radar heroes Give. NY Hip-Hop Guru El-P is in the studio and according to his twitter page we will hear a new album with raps on top of the beats. If the WEREALLGOINGTOBUTNINHELL Megga Mix 3 cd was any indication of what Producto is up to then that shit will be off the hook. Scotland’s Mogwai has a new album slated soon called Hardcore Will Never Die but You Will. Also, I am still holding on to hope that some type of Beauty Pill album will see the light of day in 2011.

So, 2011 is looking to be a good year. I hope you people are just as excited as I am for this upcoming year. I totally am. Shit’s about to get tight and you know where to come for all the skinny on these albums. Let the KYS Corporation for Global Insurrection (TM) take care of all your musical needs be giving you the best information on all the shit that matters. If it ain’t getting written about here, it’s cuz I am just one dude.


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