Summer Lions Video

My favorite band from New York, frankly the only band from New York in damn near two decades that exists that I think matters has a new video out. That’s right, New Idea Society  have a new, totally beautiful video for there equally beautiful song “Summer Lions” from their new album Somehow Disappearing (which you can get here from Amazon). The video has a great photographic quality and a young kid all dressed up in a young kid, homemade costume being all Where The Wild Things Are in it. It’s gorgeous. Check it out here:

New Idea Society have been getting a little more attention lately. The New York Times even interviewed Mike Law about their last video for “Thorns” which you should totally read. That video is below:

And who of course can forget there utterly cute video from their amazingly catchy song “Don’t Sleep” off of The World Is Bright And Lonely on Exotic Fever Records. Yup, I got that one for you too:

If this doesn’t inspire you to pick up these records and make your day better, well I don’t know what to tell you. New Idea Society is amazing. I don’t know how often I have to say it to convince you of that. If you don’t feel this music, there is probably cause to launch accusations that you do not have a soul. And that just makes this blogger very, very sad.


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