Melissa Lusk – Make Your Self Happy

Make Yourself Happy Cover ArtMelissa Lusk
Make Your Self Happy
Self Released

Being unemployed is kind of a pain in the ass. I did look for a job for about an hour today, that’s about what I put in on any given week. About five hours goes into writing stuff for this blog, I spend about seven hours a week cooking, the rest is spent watching shit on Netflix, reading crap on the internet and listening to music. Today, I was gonna try my hand at writing a science fiction short story based on living in Albuquerque so far. But then I got all side tracked and found the 30 Videos in 30 Days Project. And one of the videos I found was for this lady Melissa Lusk for her song “Everybody Lies”. Check it out below and then get back to reading what I have to say on the subject.

So yea, the video is really cute and the song is pretty catchy, all girl-piano driven which, thanks to Kate Nash I have a slight compulsion to. The thing I really liked though, was that the lyrics were both personal, funny and a little melancholy. I mean, lets face it, there are a million girl with piano song writers like there are a million vampire-goth-emo white boys in really shitty bands like Murder My Valentine or Death is a Pair of Shoes or some other idiotic name. The point is, Melissa Lusk isn’t going to melt your mind with interesting song structures, or bend your brain with blazing piano solos. It’s not high art, it’s just nice pop art. The music overall kind of reminds me of “alternative radio” from my formidable years of 1991 – 1994 after I stopped listening to metal but before I really got into punk rock. It’s quirky, poppy and catchy. Sometimes Lusk reminds me of Elizabeth Mitchel, like on the rocker “Blood” which I would like to see a little more of. The buzzy, indie rock guitar isn’t all precious and pretentious like so much shitty music that people like today. This song’s got a bit of spit and vinegar.

I don’t know anything else about this Melissa Lusk lady, other than she had a neat video to a neat song posted on the internet and she lives in the unfortunate city of New York like so many other talented people. Dude is probably just trying to make it in that city somehow, hoping people will give her music an honest and open listen. There are a shit ton of people in that town trying to do the same, difference between her and Melissa Lusk, her music actually makes me smile a little bit. Which lets face it, is a feat in and of it self.


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