Capital – Givers/Takers

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What is it about identity that compels us? Here’s the thing, I downloaded this album because one of my trusty music web sites said that it was free with a facebook pimp (none of my friends will download this album) and because it was Mixed and Mastered by Chris Hannah from Propaghandi. That’s a pretty good stamp of approval for me. I instantly identified with that seal of business approval. I mean, Chris Hannah might make a living doing this work and takes whatever he gets paid to do. I know plenty of people in this fucked up music business that work based on who approaches them and what they have time for. It doesn’t mean I should listen to everything they work on. But free music is free music and I was interested to see what Hannah does behind the boards.

Capital are a hardcore band from Long Island and I’m not sure how the hell I feel about them because they have identity problems. Sometimes they sound like old skool bro core that I could do with out. Sometimes they are awesome and melodic and remind me of Kid Dynamite or Avail which I could do with more of in my life. But the over all issue I have is that there is no consistency. Capital seems to lack identity. And when there is nothing extraordinary in what you’re doing consistency is key. Not that being extraordinary is necessary to make good, listenable records, the point is to have fun. And Capital are clearly having fun. I just wish they had more of a uniform sound throughout.

Having said that, Givers/Takers should not be over looked. The sound is heavy, with awesome rumbling bass guitar and very strong, clear vocals. When they hit on the brighter sides of the melodic hardcore they do it pretty damn well. Even the Long Island accent when the yelling turns to singing isn’t too distracting. And the homage to the great Avail adds an emotional punch to this band that would make them otherwise sound pretty pedestrian. But these are guys who know more recent punk rock history, and have a good idea of what works. “Southern Air” followed by “Kennel” are about two of the best one two punches I’ve heard in a while.

If you’re in a band, you don’t want all your songs to sound the same and in punk and hardcore that can be pretty difficult to accomplish. There are only so many notes and power chords that a person can grip on their guitar and they can only be played so many ways. It’s both very easy and very difficult to make an album that is awesome and energizing. Overall, I’d say that Givers/Takers is a decent effort. But too much direction can leave a listener confused.


One thought on “Capital – Givers/Takers

  1. not everyone likes the clashs’ disco songs but its all about breaking boundries and doing something diffrent. how many bands put out the same sounding album over and over again?!? props to capital for playing what they want and how they want. if you know the other albums by them its the same idea. the songs might be diffrent but all in all capital has a style and a sound that is original to them. props!

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