My Disco – Little Joy

My Disco
Little Joy
Temporary Residence, LTD.

Dudes, I’m not gonna lie to you, cuz that’s not my style. I accidentally zoned out today and it’s because of the new My Disco album Little Joy. Seriously, I was all productive this morning, I started writing some fiction. Then I went and had breakfast and did some reading. Came home from carbohydrate overload, opened the windows, did some more writing, talked to my Dad, did more writing, talked to my Mom, got in the car, bought a t-shirt and listened to this new, amazing and awesome album. I returned home, the intention was, after utilizing some of the awesome information I got from the lovely Matie at Self Serve about free speech politics, the radical sex positive community and the music scene in Albuquerque, I was gonna write some more of the weird, possibly good, hopefully funny science fiction I decided I needed to try my hand at. I plugged in the iPod, dialed up this album again and thought it would be awesome.

But honestly, I am in a trance. My Disco has always been known to be rhythmic and hypnotic, but generally the music was jarred by piercing guitar. Their last album Paradise, which I didn’t even know existed for like a year, was a total head trip of odd repetition, spliced, dead pan lyrics, totally gut slicing guitars and all around noise confusion. I dug that record. My Disco creates their own musical language, based somewhat in the same vein as Shellac or Lungfish (yes, my heroes) but with sprinkles of Sonic Youth, Unwound and even a little My Bloody Valentine. Their last album felt more like a cut and paste mosaic of the approach they took on their fabulous debut, Cancer which created an interesting, but difficult record to listen to.

Little Joy gets epic. There are two songs that cover time lines that exceed the eight minute mark. For a person with a low attention span, it’s a fairly incredible feat that My Disco somehow manages to engage the brain functions that enjoy music. But they totally do. Sometimes they have long stretches of musical phrases that don’t change. Sometimes they have this really fantastic drum beat influenced by the same types of music that the Supersystem dudes were into, that this uneducated blogger can only assume is of the Fela Kuti vein. The hits are totally precise, exciting and perfectly executed. Drummer Roberto Luongo, who is the backbone of funk for My Disco, some how keeps the minimalist bass playing of vocalist/bassist Liam Andrews and the screeching, neurotic guitar work of Ben Andrews together as a cohesive movement of music, all the while utilizing space to stretch out and play all the drums in his kit.

Couple my love of this band with the fact that the album was recorded at Electric Audio in Chicago last year and you realize that this is gonna totally own my mind. It’s kept my attention pretty thoroughly and has garnered many repeat listens in the few short hours that I have had this music. That says something, structurally precise, made of intense, sharp patterns but played at extended lengths, Little Joy should border on monotonous. Given to the fact that when Liam Andrews and Luongo lock in together in a minimalist jam, it can kind of get maddening. The wailing, bright guitar tones, as sinister as they are, do not overshadow the locked groove that’s created. Further, one would think that the build ups created after so much time would segue into some kind of sonic explosion. By rather, My Disco chooses to have a small bang that resonates more in the absence rather  than the expression.

Music can complement a geography, and though I never found that in the crowded suburbs of Washington DC, driving about the vast and spacious city of Albuquerque, I have found relatively great musical compliments to the landscape that entices my visual stimulants. My Disco, whom even I understate in my own outwardly tastes, is one of the fantastic bands that help saturate and explode the senses I have in this new environment. Little Joy was unexpected, especially after the jarring Paradise, but it has been received with great pleasure into my musical lexicon, providing heightened drama to story I find myself in.

In case you were wondering this is a backwards image of the T-Shirt I purchased at Self Serve today. Pornutopia was supposed to be a celebration of human sexuality featuring films, burlesque and other performances by and for the adult population of Albuquerque, New Mexico. When I was apartment hunting out here in November, I caught wind through the Savage Love Podcast that the City of Albuquerque’s council members utilized obtuse wording in zoning laws that essentially made it impossible for the organizers (of which Self Serve was one of) and performers to put on this show. Self Serve and the performers even went so far as to attempt to placate the local government by censoring the show, in an attempt to meet the guidelines sighted in the local laws. This did not work and they opted to pull the plug all together. You can read more about it on their blog here. Further, I have decided to get involved and will be attending the City Council Meeting tonight where  CUFFS will be speaking. I hope to dedicate more space on this blog to such topics. It’s something I’ve wanted to write about and explore more but found difficult to find the right community in which to be involved in. Albuquerque on this front, seems to have both a unifying, direct and local political action to fight for, and appears to have a more laid back and welcoming sex positive community then I generally found in polarized, over-educated DC. We shall see.


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