Punk Rock Saves My Life Over and Over Again

The Arrivals
Volatile Molotov
Recess Records

I’ve always been the first to admit that I am often last on the hype boat. If you were looking for a more timely review of this album in October when this album came out, well sorry for that, but I just got on The Arrivals band wagon, so feel blessed you get the science from me on this album at all. I know absolutely nothing about this band. I think Paddy from D-4 is in it, but I only suspect that because of a Mitch Clem comic. I even bought their split series 7″ with Grabass Charlestons from the fine folks over at Razorcake last year. It’s not like I am totally unfamiliar with the band, but to be honest the 7″ didn’t really blow me away. However, I had read some really good things about this full length and decided to spend some of my well-earned i-Tunes gift cards (of which I am still accepting, email goodgovernor@yahoo.com and I will send you an address, thanks) received from the holiday season on the boys. I am very glad that I did.

Had I been on top of things Volatile Molotov, despite its awkward title would have been a contender for my tops of 2010, but at that shit was already written and I still haven’t had as much time with said album, it had to wait for my attention in the new year. But never mind, it’s a good, stomping, traveling kind of record. It’s the kind of album you can chill out to, or listen to in a museum, or while grocery shopping. It’s gonna heighten the experience. The song writing is superb, on a Ted Leo like level and is presented in a similar fashion. The whole way through songs build and progress, drive and bounce and stomp. There are remnants of Fugazi and Billy Bragg and the Clash. There’s some old-time Rock and Roll. Through out the songs break and burst out of the speakers and get you psyched up. What more can you ask for? Not much really.

Too Many Daves
Weekend at Daves
ADD Records

Too Many Daves is currently my favorite band in the whole world. I think they are fucking geniuses to be quite honest with you. They can say more in a one minute song with one line of lyric then most bands say in their entire career that spans shitty album after shitty album. Too Many Daves is what punk rock is all about. Writing good, fast, loud songs about the bullshit and partying and getting by. It’s not about high art or any of that other serious stuff. Well, sometimes it is, but you must have room in your heart and your head for some really dumb music sometimes, because if you’re just serious all the god damn time your life is going to suck. Too Many Daves is one of the reasons why my life does not suck. So now that I finally have Weekend At Daves (no thanks to any of you fuckers!) I feel a whole lot better about my life.

There isn’t much like deep shit to say about this album. I just think it’s really fun and good. It has songs where the lyrics are “Restraining Order” (Restraining Order) or they sing about making a dudes room while the significant other is at work (Dudes Room). They do a cover of “Cop Killer” by Body Count where they got kids to sing the “Fuck the Police” refrain. They understand that without beer, “dudes like us would fail the test of life” (Dudes Like Us). They use the word dude a lot in their lyrics and song titles. And we all know how I feel about the word Dude. They smoke weed, they eat Pizza, they drink beer, they play rock music and they don’t care about dumb bullshit or hurting your feelings. They aren’t pricks, but they’re just dudes, jamming out like dudes should. Also, every one in the band is named Dave. That has to be some cosmic shit right there.

I’m not that into telling people what the fuck they should do with their lives. But if you’re feeling depressed and down on life, get this album and get a good religion of partying, getting fucked up and eating Pizza. I know, I know, that’s not the most cerebral, thoughtful thing you could do. Some would call it poison. But I’ve never found those people to have a great sense of humor or know how to have fun. Life is hard, for almost everyone out there, sometimes you just have to let loose. You can do that with Too Many Daves. I suggest you get on that shit, dude.

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