KYS Podcast #17 – From the Muddy Sands of Albuquerquerqqeur

KYS Episode 17 – From the Muddy Sands of Albuquerqueqquer

Brought to you by the people at the KYS Department of Relocation.

My first podcast in a new town. I kinda feel pretty good about this one, though I was a little self conscious about the time and I think I sound like an idiot. Doing these podcasts is a bit weird. I think I should probably make them more topical, but I’m not that great at doing that at the moment. We shall see. So yea, anyway. Here is the next episode. Tell your friends. Lots of wild, different music on this one.

“Normal Never Happened” by Broken Water – Fan Death 7”


“Bullet Proof” by Motorcycle Wars from their unreleased LP
“Historic Landmark’ By Canadian Rifle from their Facts 7”
“Nights X 9” by Slant 6 from Soda Pop Rip Off on Dischord
“Milly” by Discount from Ataxia’s Alright Tonight
“Zuko’s Back in Town” by Kid Dynamite from S/T
“You Sweet Little Heartbreaker” by Air Miami from Me Me Me


“1 Minute” by Erase Errata from their Other Animals
“Billions of People” by the Eternals from their S/T
“Fish Chips and Sweat” by Funkadelic from Free Your Mind
“Soft Pyramids” by Q and not U from their On Play Patterns single
“Human Garbage” by No Trend from the Wakefield Volume 1 Comp on Teen Beat Records


“White Girl” by X from Los Angles
“Flirted with you all my Life” by Vic Chesnutt from At the Cut
“Fingernails on the Chalkboard” by Unwound from Repetition
“Robot Chant” by Mogwai from Rock Action


“Black Tears” by The Apes from The Fuge in the Funk



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