Blog Post About Nothing

Seriously, this blog post is about nothing. I have nothing to say. I just don’t want a “GAP” in posting this week since I decided to post something yesterday. No idea what the hell I am doing on this blog or in life in general at the moment. So this post is just an excuse to put pictures up of yours truly with his new copy of Fucked Up’s Couple Tracks which I have wanted to get for a while but couldn’t resign my self to getting. But I went to Mecca Records and Books yesterday in Old Town ABQ and it was a cool place (I went to three other stores that were okay, one had lots of Metal but no LP’s and I found a copy of Tuscadero’s Step Into My Wiggle Room EP but that shop had a 10 credit card minimum and the EP was only $5) and figured I would support local commerce. I don’t have Epics in Minutes if anyone wants to send that to me it would be most appreciated.

Without Further Ado:






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