Welcome to Albuquerque

Hello Friends, Readers, Family that actually reads this. I am safe and sound in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s been a pretty strange trip. For one, it’s cold but sunny most of the time. I want to go out more, but when the enticing brightness gets me to emerge from my warm apartment I feel like I am being lied to and so I usually spend the next day holed up staying warm and going through the mountains of stuff I have to go through. Then I watch a bunch of TV (I watched 3 and half seasons of The Office already – lame). The experience has been kind of surreal. Both being in a new place and acknowledging the mountains of my past that I literally carried with me in the form of records, photographs, letters, notebooks, artwork is overwhelming. I need to do a bit better about getting out and about, I’ve only done a little bit of that so far, but I am going make more of an effort this week to travel and see the state and the city.

One of the things I did do last week was go to a show. I found a place called Small Engine Rez. It was an old Go-Kart repair shop that has been turned into a performance space. I felt pretty at home there actually, in the cold, amongst strangers. The kids drinking beer at DIY show was a bit weird. That happened in DC from time to time sure, but it seemed like everyone had a beer in their hand at this show. Albuquerque, from what I gathered has a burgeoning noise scene and both the first two artists, Ryan Dennison and Baby Shampoo did just that. It was interesting, but I’m not sure if I could sustain on those types of performances. We have more work to do. Vegetables were a band from Phoenix, AZ that were like Surf-Pop. They were really great and I will have to track down their 7″ which I couldn’t afford that night. I got some great shots of them too, despite having to use the built-in flash. Closing out the night was Laura Ortman who played sorta a free-form almost gothic like music. She was pretty awesome. I quite enjoyed it when she was playing violin. It was extraordinary. She was accompanied by local musician Raven Chacon, who seems to be quite prolific with his Sicksicksick Distro. They do lots of tapes which is pretty cool. I bought Laura Ortman’s tape Someday We’ll Be Together of which I will give a full review soon.

I’ve also been working on a bunch of artwork as well. One of the reasons I wanted to move out to Albuquerque was to take some time to actually work on art projects that I have been neglecting for the past year. I haven’t done much with the cards, but I am trying to draw, make stencils and do other manipulations of stuff. I’ve also been working on music as well. I wrote three songs already as well as some other manipulation/sample pieces. So the Terrible Tumors has two new demos up on my sound cloud page if your interested in checking that stuff out. I even wrote another April Decca song, which I didn’t think I would do, but it just kind of came out one day. Part of the manipulation/sample project I am working on also includes an idea I’ve had for a while, taking samples from some talking tapes and turning them into a beat. I worked a bunch New Years Eve on that, before drinking too much rum and drawing all night. So between the laziness and the cold and the watching TV I am getting my creative juices flowing. I wish it was more of stream then a drizzle, but I guess I just need to be lucky for what I am getting back.

I also started on the great photograph archive project. The beginnings of which area already up at my Flickr page. That weird walk down memory lane was, quite honestly a bit unnerving as I also found a lot of personal pictures. I wasn’t wholly prepared for that. But it was good, a lot of great shows were remembered. I guess I kind of did okay. I wish I brought my camera to more shows, especially the year I decided not to. But I was burnt out. But there is a serious lack of The Dead Teenagers and Motorcycle Wars in my collection as well as The Dismemberment Plan and Q and Not U, though I did shoot a few of those shows as well, both before and after that year. I also came across the only photos I had taken of Clark Sabine in any of the bands he was in (I sadly never shot any photos of Statehood, which was dumb). It was a show in Arlington with The City The Sea. They aren’t the greatest photos I’ve ever shot. I wasn’t familiar with the band, the space or the people there, and it was not very crowded either, but they are what they are. I will scan the rest shortly and put them on flickr. It was one of the last sets of photos I came across the night I embarked on this project (which also led me to drinking a hefty serving of whiskey) and made the gut wrenching experience of re-experiencing my younger self totally worth it.

So that’s my Albuquerque update for you all. As for KYS, well I have a few more interviews completed, which should be awesome, as well as one from the archive. Not sure what’s up with the reviews at the moment. The beginning of the year is a slow time for new releases, so we shall see. I have another podcast recorded too and hopefully will get that shit up this week. I have my microphones so the sound quality of me talking is better. The content of me rambling, not so much. But you probably gathered that from this post anyway.

Be well people, thanks for stopping by and have a great 2011.



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