Episode 16 – Best of 2010 – Punk Rock Edition

I must say, I am inclined to disagree with my friend Joao over at Discoparlante who stated as a header for a recent post that 2009 and 2010 was the years that most music sucked. I think that 2010 was a pretty good year. Lost of music out that got me really psyched up. There was a great deal of really awesome punk rock music. Some of this stuff you will no doubt have read about to any of my regular readers. So yea I totally put together an awesome podcast of awesome punk rock songs that made me feel like raging.

This Podcast was brought to you buy the great minds at The Korrupt Yr Self Office For the Unemployed Fucker. Download it here. Also, we still fucking need tech support.

Black Thoughts – OFF! – The First Four EPS
More Talk From Some Guy
Anthemagic – Dude Jams – split with Too Many Daves
Snortin’ Smurfs By The Dashboard Light – split with Dude Jams
The Last Arrivals – Dan Padilla – As The Ox Plows
Can’t Remember Shit – Tiltwheel – The High Hate Us
Guy Talks Even More
Dale – Grabass Charlestons – Split w/Toys That Kill
Pure Joy – FIYA – Magic Words
Checklist – The Measure (SA) – Notes
Another Dance – Leatherface – The Stormy Petrel
Oh Shit, More Talking
Liar – Young Offenders – Leaders of the Followers
Hey Fuckers – Imperial Can – Hey Fuckers
It’s Not A Fire – Get Rad – I Can Always Live
Can I Say – Dag Nasty – Dag With Shawn
Conditioned Minds – Magrudergrind – Crusher
The Last of the Talking From That Guy
Kids Under the Bed – VRGNS – Manimals
Resilient Bastard – RVIVR – Dirty Water


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