Mr. West, I Apologize. You aren’t the worst thing in pop music right now.

You heard it kids. Just mere weeks after several rants about the infuriating Mr. West, I have found something so god awful and terrible that it makes Mr. Wests sexism and fantasy violence seem down right wholesome. I am talking about Pete Wentz’s new poster boys D.R.U.G.S. which somehow stands for Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.

Recently, the Decaydance Records band debut their new video called “IF You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is”. So, apparently this band is made up of some singer from some semi successful, crap pop emo band who tried to kill himself. This song, on the surface sounds like dude is a bit sad and angry at his friends who let him fall from grace into a mental state that led him to this attempted suicide.

Mr. Craig Owens, if you want to talk seriously about suicide and mental illness and depression, very serious afflictions that affect and cripple millions of people, here is a tip for you: REFRAIN FROM STRANGLING HALF NAKED WOMEN IN YOUR VIDEOS.

I have never been so appalled in my life. I’ve seen a lot of really stupid, weak, sexist violent ideas in music videos before, but never have they accompanied lyrical content about suicide. This song and video really call into question your mental state. Seriously, Mr. Owens, this is not cool. I don’t see  how your anger at your friends has to be expressed with visual images of you choking a woman. What is the correlation here? Does your depression make you violent? Can you express that in better ways that a sultry looking topless woman doesn’t have to be both present in your video or fall prey to your inability to humanize her?

Not only do I fail to take you seriously as an artist, but your message fails to resonate with any seriousness. Any positive influence you could have had, reaching out to other people, especially in your marketed demographic, is going to flail around like that fish from the Faith No More video (showing my age, don’t mind me) until it quickly suffocates and dies. You have negated your own experiences and I have no sympathy for you at all.


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