Weekend Update and Call For Contributors

KYS will be ending the year with two interviews. Starting on Monday, you can read about Shelby Cinca, a multi-talented musician and artist. Next week you should be reading about Joao Da Silva from Birds and Wires and about his new tape label Fabrica Records. There will also be one last podcast in 2010, a few more reviews for 2010 and of course my annual, year-end reviews of my favorite music (which I really need to start on).We’re going to be reverting back to a three updates, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for a week or two and then close out the year on 12/23/2010.

As we enter deeper into unemployment land and desiring to craft more time for what I actually care about, I have decided to open up Korrupt Yr Self to other contributors. I am looking for people who are into comics, skateboarding, and photographers. You do not have to make a weekly commitment, I only ask that what you cover be somewhat relevant. I am also open to more music reviews and interviews but I am really looking to expand into other areas that I have interests in, but not the authority to write about.

If you are interested in contributing to KYS, write to me at goodgovernor@yahoo.com. I do not need a writing sample or anything, just tell me what your into and why you might want to blog. All contributors will also be able to do podcasts if they wish. With KYS I have aimed to write about music that not a lot of people are really covering, not that it’s super obscure stuff, but I definitely don’t feel like what I cover gets a good amount of real attention.  So you know, keep that in mind. Honestly if you are reading this, you kind of know the feel of this blog.

So, there you have it. Get awesome. Live trying.

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