Happy Conquest and Conquer Holiday From the KYS Corporation for World Domination (TM)

Hey kids, if you are reading this at work in the morning, then I am on the road to Pittsburgh with my parents. Also, if you are reading this, chances are you’ve been checking in pretty regularly. Coming on the day in which American’s sit down around a dead animal, gripe about work, watch football and generally start the super consumption season at the feet of Coca-Cola Jesus (seriously, the Red and White Santa Klause suite is totally a Coke Inc. construct) I did just want to thank anyone that has or will read this non-sense. Since being laid off, I’ve actually gotten to write a lot more often about the music I am listening to and that I am into. It’s a real, true and deep pleasure for me. I still think I have a long way to go at this whole thing, but I think I am getting better. There are glimpses of what I am really trying  to say on this stupid blog here, and more and more I think it’s shining through.

After I got back from Albuquerque, I pretty much wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I have a lot of time to get the necessary stuff done which leaves a lot of free time. Since I am in a sort of exile from my real life, the only outlet for creative thinking that I have is this blog. Which, for you lucky minion of mine, means more and more content. All during a time when I thought this thing would be silent. In fact, I have done so much writing, that I am gonna start writing up and scheduling my best of lists and reviews while on vacation (that is if my aunt and uncle have wireless, I am not sure if they do. However, I can at least start typing in the car). This means that by the time I am in Albuquerque, you’ll still have some stuff to read before the holidays hit us in the face.

It’s been a crazy year at the KYS industries. I did 14 podcasts, over a hundred posts and two zines. Looking back at that productivity makes me pretty psyched. I do hope to continue a three times a week pace all next year and at least two podcasts a month.

So, totally thank you for reading. I’m glad I managed to pick up some strangers. The few of you that have returned and commented, thanks so much. The internet is such an over-stuffed, dust ridden vacuum and operating under such circumstances is pretty wild. So, word up to you.

Be Cool, Don’t Be A Fool. Brush Twice To Be Sure.


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