Slow Economy Music #4(?)

Hey kids. It’s been a while since I did one of these posts. Frankly, it’s been a really long time since I’ve written about music at all. This is kind of a shame. I have a bunch of thoughts. Culture just moves so damn fast these days. It’s hard to take notice of any thing quite frankly. I’m gonna pick a day this week, go to Anita’s, order some coffee and just write the shit out of some stuff. There are a lot of thoughts going on in my brain, plus I have Die Antwoord, Kid Cudi and Cee Lo to pretty much listen to and review. Damn.

So anyway, I do have some more free, slow economy music for you to check out. Now that I don’t have a job, I have way more time to check out some off radar (for me) music as well as delve into my first loves. Also, if anyone wants to donate a 160GB iPod or develop a portable music device that has more than a terabyte I would be stoked.

So, my friend Katy Otto moved to Philadelphia sorta recently. Among the many travelers that she has crossed path with in the city of brotherly love, she hooked up with three other DC expatriates and started The Lonely American. Comprised of Willie (Birds and Wires), Johanna (The Most Secret Method) and long time DC punk kid, Mary Chen, the quartet put down five songs to tape(?) before Johanna left for Colorado to finish school. The fruit of their DC expat love can be found here at Otto’s Exotic Fever Records. The five jams you will find are frantic, but beautiful, sharp, but soothing. It has the energy of young people making music for the first time, but comes with the musical mastering of the group’s seasoned vets.

So, all the hipsters and punx all know about Das Racist already and now so do I. I checked out their “Combination Pizza Hut/Tacobell” track when that was all the buzz, but honestly, shit did not make it home in my brain after stressful days in the office. Well it seems recently (if you can count September as recent) the scruffy rap duo dropped a new mixtape called Sit Down, Man. I listened to it, and their previous jam, Shut Up, Dude today. It’s pretty good stuff. I hope they don’t go the way of Wale and make a shitty album after dropping consistent, strong Mixtapes, because as Kanye might say, “these beats are dope”. Das Racist are pretty hype right now. People in NYC probably think they are the greatest thing ever, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out. Also, EL-P drops some mad science on this shit. Dude is fucking flawless and this joint is worth the space on your iPod just for his verse.

So, I spent most of my morning trying to cop the newly released Girl Talk album, All Day that splashed down on the internets for free this morning. The label, Illegal Art, has a pretty web page dedicated to this release that does not seem to be able to handle the unexpected traffic. Not being familiar with Girl Talk, I didn’t really know what to expect. As I listen to it now, it’s mash ups, samples, fast beats and other weird stuff. So to me this is more of what a “mixtape” should be. This is definitely music for the club, designed to get people to dance. I also feel like if I ever start working out, this would be perfect. It’s totally got ADD. I am not the biggest fan of “art” that relies heavily on sampling. I prefer artists who steal to those that rearrange. But I should say that so far, the recording is pretty conscience. The recording is intended to be listened to as one whole piece rather than in different tracks, which, for this set up makes a lot of sense. Shit moves quick, bounces, has lots of changes and includes nostalgia, recent tracks and other weird shit. Not sure how many repeats this will get here @ KYS Industries, but you know, we always have to expand our musical vocabulary. If you can’t cop the joint at Illegal Art, I found this on mediafire.

So that’s what I have for you this week. There is a ton of free music out there. Most of this stuff you can read about elsewhere, I’m not quite on the pulse of what’s going on all the time, but hey, I give it as I get it. It’s all word of mouth these days. Enjoy these joints.


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