Terrible Tumors – Several Satisfactions EP available for download

So, last year, I started off this whole blog with an announcement of my new musical project, Terrible Tumors. I had recorded a seven song EP. Well, after I recorded that I recorded another six songs. And basically since then, I haven’t had much time to think about releasing them. That is until now. Enter bandcamp. Bandcamp is pretty fucking amazing. It’s simple, allows artists to host and distribute their music directly and set their own prices. In today’s day and age if you are a label or a band, Bandcamp is the way to go.

Terrible Tumors now has a bandcamp page and you can now download my new EP, Several Satisfactions, by clicking here. If you want, you can also totally read what I wrote earlier this year about five of the six songs by visiting this post here.

In the spirit of Radiohead and the fact that no one really knows that I do this music, or who the hell I am, or anything about this, it is name your own price deal. Apparently I get 200 free downloads a month or something, after that you have to pay the minimum, which I think is a dollar. Or at least that’s what I set. If you pay the minimum I think you get two free hidden tracks, or you might get those anyway. I don’t really know, it wasn’t explained well. Don’t get excited, they are just different versions of one of the songs.

I’m pretty stoked on this stuff. This is definitely the first time I ever recorded music that I am actually proud of. Anyone who has followed my music output through their kindness over the last few years knows how wishy-washy an artiste I can be. Shit, anyone who has read this blog even one fucking time knows what a lunatic I can be about the shit I create. If you decide to download it, that’s totally awesome and I totally appreciate it. If you decide to pay for it, let me know how that works out. I am kind of new to this whole distributing music for money on the internet thing, so I am just kind of curious. Oh yea, and I am going to remix that first EP too and offer that up shortly. It might not be until I move, because I’d really like to scan the original art work. If anyone has that CD and wants to send me a scan that would be awesome.


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