Going Out West Vol 7 – The Last Update

Hey kids, so you know how I said I was gonna go see Bad Religion at the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque last night. And I know I said I was gonna write this thing about Spray Paint The Walls and the OFF Videos and tie all three in. But I am sorry to say that shit is not going to happen. And I know yr all like “Dude, what the fuck? Seriously, I don’t come to this already crappy blog to read about your already boring ass vacation. Top that shit off with the fact that you’ve had the new Kid Cudi and Cee-Lo albums for over 24 hours and we haven’t seen you wax prolific on that science yet? What the fuck dude?” Well, let me address your concerns first and then I will rock my last update to you this morning.

The Sunshine Theater consistently got bad reviews both on the internet (see also here and here) and with the two random people I talked to about it. It seems it has really shitty sound and the staff is out of place most times with how they treat their patrons. At 33, I do not want to be intimidated by asshole kids who think being a prick is part of their job description. There is also no excuse for a poor sound system. Add to the fact that I saw Bad Religion ten years ago, after not listening to them for about 5-8 years and knew 95% of their songs and they weren’t that good then, and they have gotten progressively slower and older, passing just seemed like the right choice. I drank beer, ate nachos and watched a shitload of MTV2 who continually show reruns of Jackass which I fully endorse as the greatest thing ever committed to film, tape and digital video. 50 Year Old Punkers can not compete with hours upon hours of dudes hurting themselves.

As for the Kid Cudi and Cee-Lo albums, I haven’t even listened to them yet. I can’t hook my iPod up to the car I rented and listening in the hotel room is not optimal. There is something non-musical about hotel rooms. I don’t know what it is. But straight up, I will listen to the joints on the plane, make notes for you kids and have some stuff next week for you on those. I will review that Black Flag book and talk about those awesome OFF video’s that will hopefully still be up on the Vice site next week.

In regards to my stay out west, yesterday was a pretty good day. I woke up and rocked a huge breakfast at Little Anita’s which is across the street from me. It is the sister restaurant of Anita’s in Northern Virginia. The food here is honestly a lot better, mostly because the Green Chile out here is outrageous. It has heat and spice and tastes so good. I hope a steady diet of refried beans and chile is a good idea, because when I move here that’s probably all I am going to eat.

After that I headed to the Botanical Gardens, Aquarium and the Zoo. No joke I spent about 5 hours at these three places walking around, taking awesome pictures, smiling at and pushing away kids to get my shots and see cool shit. The Garden’s are a bit bo-bo right now, cuz you know it’s still winter here and not much grows. But it’s a rad set up. The BioPark as it’s called includes a creepy Children’s Fantasy Garden that set a lot of kids crying, an awesome outdoor model train setup, sweet ponds with ducks, and all kinds of other cool stuff. The Aquarium is small in comparison to a  lot of the great east coast ones, but they have a lot of crazy fish and a shark tank. So that’s pretty cool. Then I took a small train that goes to the Zoo by way of Tingley Beach, which seems to be a series of man made ponds for the kids. The Zoo rips, but the Polar Bear wasn’t there and I think I missed like half of it because it’s difficult to navigate and I lost my map and couldn’t find the entrance. Also I am now convinced that Giraffes are from another planet because they are awesome as shit.

After the BioPark visit I headed to a record store called Natural Sound. It was pretty decent, lots of used and new stuff, a little overpriced in the new release area and the selection was odd, but decent. Their used selection was okay and I did pick up a copy of Reject All American by Bikini Kill. If I was already there I would have hit up a few albums, but I don’t like traveling with vinyl or shipping it. The dude manning the counter was cool though and gave me some insight on the local music scene. So that was handy.

After all of this, like i said it was beer and nachos and a lot of TV which felt good. I think today I am going to go to Santa Fe and try and check out the Georgia O’Keeffe museum. There is also a Buddhist Temple out that way I want to check out. So I think that will be my day today. Then it’s probably back for dinner, get all cleaned up and ready for my late afternoon flight tomorrow, which sucks. I am ready to get back to Dixie, work on a few things and prepare for my return. Albuquerque has been pretty good to me so far. My adventures will continue, many of which will be brought to you here in this space. Keep it real folks.


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